Anysiakiel2015Anysia Marcell Kiel, MFA, is a lifelong healing medium who has been able to communicate with spirits, since she was a very young child. She is the award-winning author of Discovering The Medium Within:  Techniques and Stories From A Professional Psychic Medium, which takes readers on a journey through mediumship.  Readers can tangibly experience spirit communication through the eyes, ears, and feelings of a professional medium.  The latter part of the book is a step-by-step guide to spirit communication, for those who wish to reach out to passed-on loves ones and friends.

Anysia holds an MFA in creative writing and enjoys sharing information and exercises via her blog, Communicatingwithspirits, for people interested in learning more about mediumship development and healing. She is the founder of the Soul-Centered Healing Method™ – a system of healing, which incorporates Divine energy.  The healing method identifies and clears the root causes and energetic imprints of illnesses, disease, trauma, and repetitive life patterns. Anysia created Soul-Centered Healing LLC, a spiritual healing center in Toms River, NJ through which she provides healing sessions, classes, lectures, and events.