9/11 Souls

For Americans, September 11, 2001 carries deep sadness.  It was a day when we experienced vulnerability to terrorism–dark energy shrouded in hateful acts against innocent human beings.  In a single day, we lost almost 3,000 lives. I can remember viewing the news coverage on my computer at work, as a sense of deep sadness enveloped me like a heavy dark cloud. I left my office and drove to my church.  I sat alone in a pew and silently prayed, as tears streamed down my cheeks for those who had died. I asked God to help them cross together and lead them to peace.  Through this horrific tragedy, we can learn so much from these beautiful 9/11 souls.

They taught us how to have courage especially in the face of death.  The plane passengers knew they would die. Some of those on flight 93 attempted to take control of the plane demonstrating an incredible sense of bravery.  Many of the tower victims sensed their untimely deaths, as well. They called their families and communicated tearful, loving last words.  The first responders, our fearless altruistic heros, ascended the hot, smokey tower stairs knowing they might not make it out alive. Those angels cloaked in firefighter coats, heavy rubber boots, and police uniforms placed their own needs aside to support the calls of others.

These souls reminded us of our connection to one another.  Many people jumped out of the towers to their deaths, while holding hands with others from the same floor.  The plane victims all died together, as well. On each anniversary, the victims’ families gather for a memorial service at the site of the World Trade centers. A gentle wind always accompanies the ceremony.  The energies of these souls combine and present themselves in this wind. It ripples through the hair of all attendees, stirs the floating flowers atop the memorial pools, and unfurls the flags–gently touching everyone and everything on this very important day of remembrance.

The most imperative lesson these souls have taught us is about the afterlife.  Regardless of what type of physical death our bodies experience, our souls remain eternal.  Many of the victims have given signs, symbols, and come in dream visits for their loved ones.  These visits and dreams have not only helped their families in the grieving process, but they have validated that their discarnate souls are still living.

September 11, 2001 was a horrendous physical tragedy for those of us on Earth.  But it was also a magnificent day spiritually for the courageous souls that left the Earth.  They crossed to the other side together, in peaceful communion.  Some of them also work together in the afterlife.  They’ve collectively educated us with their lessons.  The most important lesson they’ve taught us and validated is that life is eternal. We send thoughts of love, light, and gratitude to those 9/11 souls for all they do to help us learn and grow on Earth.

Love and light,


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