A Lesson In Fear

I had some hesitations about communicating with low vibrational energy.  As a result, I followed a general rule to avoid them at all costs.  My logic was based in fear; I feared being left with the energetic imprint of the lower vibrations.  But, my guides had a little lesson for me one day that taught me a great deal about perception.

One night I looked out the living room window and saw a man standing under the street light.  He had on jeans and a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt.  He kept the hood on his head, making his face barely visible.  His energy held a heaviness and his aura looked muddled and gray.  I immediately sensed him as a lower vibration and I quickly tunneled the house in light and walked into the kitchen.  The next night, after I put my children to bed, I looked out the bedroom window and saw him once again standing under the street light.  A slight panic rose in my chest as I closed the curtain.  I wondered why he visited again.  I always kept the vibrations high with candles, flowers, and daily energy clearings.  All of these things clashed with the energy of lower vibrations, so I did not understand why he was drawn to my home.

I called out to my guides and asked them for advice. They said that he needed help to get across to the other side.  One of my guides reminded me that it was my choice to help someone and I could choose not to help this man.
“I just don’t want to attract lower vibrations and have them hanging around the house or my children,” I said.  My guides understood my point and again reiterated that it was a choice for me to make.  I said that I would give it some thought.

The next day, I saw the man standing again in the street under the light but this time, his visit was during the day.  Somehow, the daylight made him seem less overwhelming.  Using my mind I asked him why he kept visiting my home.  He said that he had murdered someone and died a violent death.  He was tired of walking the Earth in darkness.  I knew from experience that God was willing to forgive anyone who truly wanted to be forgiven including Earth-bound souls.  I felt a little nervous as I connected with his energy.  But I agreed to help him because he couldn’t get across on his own–he needed assistance.

I psychic shielded myself and then called out to my guides.  As I tunneled his energy, he lifted slightly, but his vibration was heavy and he seemed confused.  I called out for additional support from the light.  Then he lifted in a brilliant white tunnel which enveloped him and carried his energy high up into the sky. Afterward, I cleared my own energy as well as that of my home–to remove any imprints.

I thanked those in the light who aided in the crossing.  Then I thanked my guides for the experience.  Once I released my fear, I was able to clearly see that this soul needed my help.  Sometimes we need to move beyond our fears to see the truth in something.  Even souls that were attracted to darkness in life have a little bit of light in them.

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2 Comments to “A Lesson In Fear”

  1. Ann says:

    A true leasson of a compassionate heart.

  2. Exactly, Ann–when we have compassion we can see the truth in things.
    Love and light,