A Note About Grounding Energy

All of us need to ground our energy from time to time.  But energy workers and mediums need to do it daily.  Before we go over a few methods of grounding, let us first discuss the meaning of the term.  Often people say things like, “My spouse keeps me grounded” or “My job keeps me grounded.”  They are using the term grounded to mean focused or centered. When we talk about grounding our energy, we mean to pull the energy close to Earth.  The energetic meaning is a little different from the general meaning.  On the energetic level, we are focusing our minds, souls, and bodies.  We are uniting our complete selves and keeping them on Earth.

When we communicate with spirit, we raise our vibrations to a higher level.  We use the top three chakras for clairaudience, clairvoyance,  and clairsentience. When we are through with the communication, we need to adapt our souls to once again be connected to our bodies and close to the Earth.  We need to pull our energy down through the lower chakras.  Sometimes after a communication session, a person may feel light-headed, or a little scattered.  These are common sensations as your soul/mind/body reconnect.  Grounding solidifies the connection and also keeps you centered.

After all spirit communication sessions, it is imperative to ground your energy.  You can accomplish this task by one of several ways listed below:

1.  Cord from Root Chakra
Imagine a red cord from your root charka(just below your navel) to the center of the Earth. Place your hand over the root chakra and feel your connection with the Earth.

2.  Roots from Earth
Imagine roots growing up from your feet through your legs pulling your energy close to the ground. When you feel centered, see the roots going back into the Earth.

3.  Grounding Stone
Hold a piece of Hematite (or another grounding stone like Obsidian)  in your left hand and feel your energy pull down. Envision all your energy pulling downward to the center of Earth.

4.  Physical Method 1
Walk outside in bare feet and connect with the Earth.

5.  Physical Method 2
Drink a full glass of water.

6.  Physical Method 3
Eat a piece of fresh fruit or a fresh vegetable.

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