Always Helping Us Heal

We never know when the people closest to us will be ushered from this Earth and crossed over to the other side; God is the timekeeper of those secret events.  But when He suddenly whispers the call, our loved ones silently exit without saying, “Good bye” and we’re left with pain that instantly pierces our hearts.  Often our loved ones are close to the Earth, after they leave their physical bodies.  They’re around to help us heal but we have to be open and ready to see, feel, and hear them.

It was the day before Thanksgiving and I was walking out of the gym, as I read a text from my friend, Tara.  She said that they found her brother, Rocky; he had passed in his sleep.  I immediately called her on my cell phone.  Her tearful voice uttered the saddest words, “My Rocky’s gone.”  I felt her overwhelming grief and tears slid down my cheeks.  I wished I could hug her and make her feel better.  Tara and Rocky were very close.  She was nine years older than him; she treated him like a son and loved him like a mother.  I had the pleasure of meeting him in the spring.  Tara had a gift certificate for a healing session and she gifted it to Rocky.  The medium build, shoulder-length, brown-haired man with a carefree personality wore his trepidation on his face in the form of furrowed eyebrows and a slight frown.

“I’m not sure if I’m into all this. I’m here because of her,” he said pointing to his big sister.

 Tara and I both laughed at his comment.  I appreciated his honesty and I promised I would go easy on him.  He chuckled a bit and I watched him relax his posture.  Tara sat in the room during the session, so he would feel comfortable.  As I began reading everything Rocky stored in his energetic field and all of it resonated with him, he let go of his tension and energetic resistance. A highlight of his session included a welcomed visit from his father in spirit that warmed Rocky’s heart and made him laugh at the same time.

I admired the beautiful relationship between Tara and her brother. I could see they would do anything for each other and it was a special connection bonded with deep sibling love, trust, and compassion.  The fact that he came for the session demonstrated their connection. He was a totally laid back surfer guy, yet there he was reclining on the massage table in my office with me all in his business because his big sister said it would help him.  His session was great; there were a lot of laughs and I was glad that he let down his guard. I learned that he was a deeply kind and sensitive soul and I felt grateful that he allowed me to work in his gentle energy.

I knew there wasn’t much I could do to console Tara and take her pain away, when she called me that day.  I told her I would send her some energy, when I got home.  As I hung up the phone, I heard her uncle talking to me.  Her Uncle George, who was affectionately known as Georgie, came through in a session once with Tara and also during Rocky’s session.  I texted Tara and told her that Georgie had a message for her.  She texted back and asked me to relay the message.

“I got him.  Tell her I got him,” Georgie said.

 Tara noted that Georgie was Rocky’s Godfather and it was not surprising that they were together.  Then Georgie said to tell Tara that both he and Rocky were gonna have a lot of fun and would move stuff in the house.  Tara was at her mom’s house during the conversation and Rocky had lived with their mom, until the day he died.  As Tara read the text message out loud to her mom, a candle fell of the wall by itself and then another one fell immediately after the first one.  Tara texted back and told me that she and her mom both knew the candles were signs from Rocky and Georgie validating that they were together.  How ironic that as soon as I gave her the message, the two loved ones in spirit sent the sign.  I hoped it would help Tara’s family heal a bit.

Brayden and I attended Rocky’s viewing after school.  As I saw Tara sitting there in the front row of the funeral home, she seemed tired and run down.  Tara told me she wasn’t sleeping well and I could see by the expression on her face that she was barely holding it together.  I hugged her and told her that we would be praying for her.  The following morning, I had a visit from Rocky at 7:30am. He wanted me to get a message to Tara.  I felt it was too early and I didn’t want to disturb her because I knew it would be a stressful day for her.

“Come on, man. You can’t do me this favor?” Rocky asked.

 I felt like a total jerk at that point. How could I turn down the request from a brother in spirit of one on my friends?  I sent a text to Tara that said I have a message for you. Those who are close to me know that means I have a message from someone in spirit connected to them.  It also means, “Please get back to me because your loved one will stalk me until you respond!”

 A short while later, Tara messaged back and said, “Please give me a message.  I need to hear from him.”

 I texted everything, as Rocky said it to me. He shared very personal things about Tara and her family. He wanted all of them to know that he was ok and that he would be around to help all of them through the transition.  She thanked me and of course I said I was just the scribe, Rocky was the one to thank.

About a week after the funeral, Tara contacted me and said she was really missing Rocky and it was very hard without him.  I urged her to call to him and ask him for signs.  She then said that on the day of the funeral around 7:15am, she called out to Rocky and said,”Please send me a message, I need to hear from you today.”  Though that telepathic conversation between the two of them was unbeknownst to me, he showed up at my house 15 minutes later with a message for her.  It was just another validation that Rocky was around, listening, and trying to help all of his family members deal with and heal through his passing.  Our loved ones in spirit are always around to help us ease through their transitions from physical to spiritual form.

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