Are Mediumship and Psychic Abilities Inherited?

The question of whether mediumship and psychic abilities are inherited or not is one that I’m frequently asked.  I refer to my skills as abilities rather than gifts and always clarify this distinction, in my discussions with others.  The term gift indicates a special talent that might not be given to everyone.  Since I hold the belief that psychic abilities are God-given and part of our birth rite, the term ability seems more appropriate, as implies a skill which can be developed.  At a first glance, it may appear that mediumship and psychic abilities run in families, but if we look a little deeper, we find something different.

I have mentioned in the past that we have 13 Reiki Masters and healers in our family. We also have three generations of psychic mediums from my maternal great grandmother down to my children.  As a young woman, my great grandmother, Grannie, used to pass a three story brick apartment building with a large glass front door, on her walk home from her bus stop on 3rd Street in Newark, NJ.  Everyday, the glass door revealed the same a little boy sliding down a wide wooden banister atop a multi-level stairwell. One night as she passed the building, there was a tenant sitting outside on the building’s porch.  She asked the man where the parents of that little boy were, because she saw him sliding down the banister ever night, when he should have been in bed.  The man looked perplexed and explained there wasn’t a little boy in the building.  Grannie stood and pointed to the boy she saw everyday with the dark brown hair and began describing the boys physical attributes.  The man explained that there had been a five-year-old boy, who fit that description and had lived in that building.  The boy had died, when he slid down the banister, fell off, and broke his neck.

I have been able to see, hear, and feel spirits as long as I can remember.  My parents tell me that I used to speak of people in my room at the young age of two.  Both of my children have been able to see, hear, and feel spirits since the age of two. They can point out passed-on family members and name them in pictures, though the relatives left the Earth long before my daughter and son’s births.  If you look at our family, you would think that the abilities are inherited and carried down the family line.

But, we don’t know what the abilities were like before my great grandmother and the abilities skipped over the generations of my maternal grandmother and my father.  So how can they be inherited if they skip generations? These abilities are innate parts of our soul make-up from the Divine.  Whether we develop them or not depends on us and our aptitudes to release the fears that bind us.

My children grow up in a home where communicating with spirits is quite normal.  If they’re sick, they put their hands on themselves and balance their energies.  They’re learning to use their mediumship and psychic skills as assets to facilitate life on Earth. Many young children see spirits of passed-on loved ones.  If they grow up in an environment that does not nurture their openness and they’re told that it is wrong to perceive these energies, they’ll close down their awareness like catepillers squelched before they spin their chrysalises.  My children have very little fear about spirit energy.  If an energy emits an uncomfortable vibe, they tell it, “Go away!” If there are any issues, they bring me in and I clear it.  I also clear our energy and home daily, so spiritual intrusions are rarely a problem.  Once someone in the family line fully embraces the abilities, other souls incarnate with that same openness.  My grandchildren will also be mediums, psychics, and healers.

Our abilities lie dormant in our souls until we choose to engage them. When we shed our fears like butterflies emerging from chrysalises, we open ourselves to the magnificent energetic world around us. As we spread our wings and embrace our abilities, we can fly through the world peacefully enjoying the sweet nectar of life.

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8 Comments to “Are Mediumship and Psychic Abilities Inherited?”

  1. reikirealmny says:

    How wonderful for your children to grow up in such a warm, loving and open home!!!!! Thank you for all you share!

  2. This is a very interesting article and brings to mind (because most things do) my husband and I and our addictions. The abilities you speak of can run in the family as the risk for addiction can also be inherited. We do have our own choices, however, and so everyone can turn out according to their own hopes and dreams!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed and learned a few things from your conversation here. Thank you very much for shareing. I have been enlighted. I like to share my little bit of knowledge on addiction and state that the position of Neptune in ones birth chart along with several other facts manifest in a form of escape through drugs, alcohol or whatever addicting way else one can think of.

    Love & Happiness to all.

    W/respect; Aria

  4. Thank you for sharing your insight and experience, Aria.
    Love and light,


  5. Anonymous says:

    Me and my family have all different abilities, my mother can predict things that will happen or have happened or pregnancies and even names of the babies that the mothers dont know they have, one of my sisters can always tell when mum is unhappy or needs help even though they live 4 hours away from each other, my other sister has a similar gift with me. Myself and my niece talk and do things more with each other whilst we're asleep rather then awake (sleep walking, talking..), and i can guess the name and sometimes the age of random people i have never met, the catch is non of us can control it, we have tried and we cant, infact the more we try too the less we feel anything, it comes randomly when it wants. I have a very broken family with a history of bad luck, do you know if our bad luck and abilities are linked ? as in a curse ? or are we just unlucky and mental ?

  6. Hello and thank you for you comment. It seems like everyone in your family is demonstrating psychic abilities. Some are clairsentient and some have precognition. Psychics can perceive things beyond the physical senses. You should read an article on this blog called, “What is A Psychic?” It discusses the abilities in further detail. As you learn more about your abilities, you will be able to control them better.

    I do not think you are cursed or unlucky. Sometimes when people experience things that are unfavorable, it has to do with their patterns of behavior and thoughts. Our thoughts become our actions and eventually we project them into our reality. You need to change your thoughts about yourself and your life. When you do this, you will change your reality. Instead of saying, “I am so unlucky, things never work out for me–try saying “I am open to all the good the universe has to offer.” Step into the light and change your reality! This blog has a ton of information about psychic abilities.

    Love and light,