Bubbling Up

Bubbling Up Exercise

Before we do any type of communicating with spirits, we want to protect our energy.  One way to do this is through “bubbling up.”  When we communicate with spirits, we open ourselves to the spirit world and the energy therein.  We want to ensure that we only communicate with light, and high vibrational energy.

1.  Close your eyes and relax your mind.
2.  Picture your entire body encased in a large bubble of color.  You may choose whatever color suits you.
3.  The bubble is filled with warm, light, loving energy.
4.  Feel this warm loving energy running through every cell of your body.
5.  Picture the bubble extending a couple of feet beyond your physical body.
6.  Press your hands and legs out and feel the walls of the bubble.

Know that you are safe and protected in your bubble of love and light.

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