Can Pets See Spirits?

Sometimes I’m asked if pets can see and sense spirits.  Often people talk about their cats starring at something that is not visible to the human eye( or most human eyes).  Others make mention of their dogs barking and sometimes chasing after someone or something that cannot be seen.

Pets are like children in many ways.  They’re pure souls and  love us unconditionally.  On a spiritual level, they’re not conditioned by society and its norms, so they see what is before them with open eyes.  This includes seeing and perceiving spiritual energy.  Pets are generally clairvoyant, although they may perceive spiritual energy in a variety of ways.  They might see it and follow it with their eyes.  They may hear the spirits with their clairaudience, or they may smell the energy with their clairscent abilities.

My dog, Sampson, a three-year-old white Shepherd, yellow Labrador mix sees spirits often.  After we put the kids down for the night and we relax in the den, I often shut down my mediumship abilities and settle myself.  But sometimes an unexpected guest shows up right before I clear the house.  Sampson is the first household member to perceive the visitor and immediately greets our guest with a deep growl, as the fluffy white hair on his back stands straight up.  Next, he runs into the dining room barking ferociously.  At that point, my husband glances over at me and says, “Looks like you’ve got some work to do tonight.”  We both chuckle as I rise from the couch and make my way into the dining room.  I meet a spirit of a young man around age seventeen standing against the wall, while Sam continues to bark and gnash his teeth.  The young man wants to get a message to his mother before he crosses over.  I explain that I don’t seek out strangers but if I am meant to deliver the message, a connection will be made with a mutual party that can help facilitate the information to his mother.

Next, I clear the energy of the house including the young male spirit.  I watch as his spirit soars high above the house enveloped in a glowing white energy rising high into the heavens.  The energy in the house feels relaxed and peaceful–filled with warm glowing light.  I return to the den and settle on the couch once more.  Sam rests quietly on his pillow under my feet.  I give him a big hug and thank him for being on alert, even when I’m not.

Our pets can sense spirits.  So the next time your cat looks at the wall and darts his eyes back and forth like he’s watching a ping pong match or your dog chases after something that you can’t see, take time to reward and thank him.  He’s protecting and alerting you to the energy in your space even if that energy is intangible to you.

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