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Energetic Anchor Points

I have written in the past about energetic cords that we form between ourselves and others and the need to cut these cords regularly for the benefit of...
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Sudden Passings

Sudden passings of our loved ones can jolt us whether they occur by an accident or some unexpected physical condition.  When our loved ones exit abruptly, we’re left...
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Grounding Our Hands

We need to ground our energy regularly.  In the past, we discussed various methods for grounding the energy in our bodies.  Most entail the energy flowing downward from...
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Psychic Shielding

Psychic shielding is one of the essentials, as we open to psychic energy. Remember that being psychic means we become sensitive to all the energy around us.  This...
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Shower of Light

We have discussed ways to protect our own energy.  We covered the tunneling light exercise that can be used to protect your aura as well as the energy...
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Cord Cutting

Cord cutting is a necessary task, which should be completed daily.  Everyday, we connect our energy to others and sometime we don’t even do it intentionally.  But, when...
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