Clairscent – Scents From The Spirit Realm


One of the less known psychic senses is clairscent, or clear smelling.  People who are open to this sense can perceive smells and scents without a physical origin and without the use of the physical nose. These scents are originated in the spirit realm and are used to help alert us to the presence of spirits.

Often during a session, I will pick up on a certain perfume, food smell, or specific scent that is connected to a person who has passed on.  In a healing session with a client, I got the very distinct scent of pipe tobacco.  It came up quickly and enveloped me. As I communicated the scent to my client, an elderly man in spirit form presented himself and began communicating information.  The client recognized the information immediately and found comfort in the visit from his loved one.  The client needed that visit to help heal a deep emotional wound he was carrying.  The visit also helped the relative in spirit form, as he received forgiveness and was able to heal further on the other side.

Many people encounter familiar scents when their loved ones are visiting in spirit like the scent of roses or perhaps a mother’s perfume when a mom is present in spirit form. Like our other psychic abilities, clairscent is one we are wired for and can use if we just tune into it. Not everyone is comfortable seeing the spirit of a passed-on loved one, but clairscent is an ability that can gently let us know our loved ones are around us in spirit form.

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