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I have written about the psychic sense clairsentience on this blog before.  I have also discussed children and their openness to energy.  Most children are born with their clairsentience activated.  As parents of these highly sensitive and deeply compassionate children, we need to recognize the signs of this ability, so that we can help support these children in understanding and working with their ability.

Clairsentience is the psychic ability to feel energy.  People with this ability can sense energy in a place as well as the energy of other people.  An example of this ability is demonstrated when we walk into a new place and can feel the energetic imprints it holds such as sadness, anger, or happiness.  A clairsentient child may be able to stand next to  total strangers and be repelled or scared by people if they carry darkness or perhaps anger in their energetic fields.

Parents of clairsentient children need to look for a few key signs that indicate this child is sensitive to energy.  First, observe the child’s behavior in crowded places.  Does the child become overwhelmed?  After the Ocean County Saint Patrick’s Day parade  one year, I took my son to visit my brother, Kyle, at his work.  At the time, my brother was a bartender at the Bamboo bar in Seaside Heights.  The bar was just a few short blocks from the parade.  I think Brayden was about seven at the time and they ordinarily wouldn’t let children in Bamboo, but they knew us and also knew we were just visiting my brother.  I was carrying a diaper bag in one hand and Brayden’s hand in another. As we stepped through the door, we walked into an undulating wave of green.  Everyone danced while sporting their favorite green clothes paying homage to their Irish heritages.  My brother offered Brayden a soda and he said, “No.”  In fact, he said, “Mommy we have to leave. There are too many people here and I can’t breathe.”  I could read the look of panic in his face as his eyes widened in desperation.  We weren’t packed like sardines, but there were a lot of people in there and a line of others waiting to get in that snaked around the block.  I realized Brayden was overwhelmed by all the energy in there and I had not bubbled him up before we entered the place. We quickly exited and as soon as we got outside, he felt much better.

Sometimes clairsentient children can become overly excited or what seems like hyperactive in crowded places.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the energy, these children feel wired and supercharged.  They may become hard to manage in densley populated places like malls, movies, concerts, and schools.  This is another response to these children taking too much energy in the sacral chakra and not being able to process it.

Clairsentient children can also have disrupted sleep because they can sense spirit energy.  When Brayden would sleep at night, he would always wake up, if he had a spirit visitor in his room.  Once I started clearing the house and tunneling light each night, he rested soundly. Unfortunately for all of us in the house, that process took a long time to learn but I eventually got the knack of it. 

So how can we help our children who are sensitive to energy?  First, as parents, we need to psychic shield them. I list a few psychic shielding exercises in this blog and I also have some in my book.  Secondly, we want to get into the habit of clearing the energy in our homes each night.  This ensures that energetic imprints and energy from the day will be cleared rendering the child unaffected by it.  I list two methods for space clearing this blog:  Tunneling light and the Silver Columns Exercise. In addition, as you physically clean your home each week, you should also use a physical method to  clean it energetically.  I use sage but you can use other methods as well.

When the child is old enough to explain the concept of clairsentience, you can teach him some methods of psychic shielding to keep his energy in check.  In addition, you should teach him to place his hand over the sacral chakra.  As he envisions it, the chakra should fit nicely under the palm of his hand.  If it is any large that the palm–like the size of a cantaloupe that is s sign that the chakra is out of balance and taking in too much energy.  He just has to keep his hand over it until he sees it as healthy and fitting under his palm. All children are Divine gifts, but clairsentient children are sent here to help us get in touch with energy and become more aware of what is around us.  Parents of these children have a special task.  They need to help these special souls balance their energy and their psychic sense, so they can live out their lives to the fullest potential.

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