Communicating Through Thought-Advanced Exercise

In the past, we completed the basic exercise of communicating through thought.  We sent thought to people in close physical proximity to us and waited for them to respond.  Many of you completed this exercise with great success.  Now we are going to take that exercise a step further and try sending thoughts to someone physically further away from us.  For this exercise, you should choose someone in a different town from you.  If you really want to challenger yourself, try someone in a different state or even in a different country from yours.  You want to select someone in a further physical proximity than that which you used for the basic exercise.

1.  Sit quietly and relax the mind– allowing all thoughts to flow in and out freely.

2.  Think of a person that is physically distanced from your current location–it can be someone in the a different town, state, or even a different country.

3.  Close your eyes and picture the person vividly in your mind–all details of them physically.

4.  Using your mind, think of the person’s name and say it in your mind three times.

5.  Now that you have pictured the person and thought of his name, call out to him using only your mind

6.  Send a thought to the person asking him to call you (if the person is in the same room, you can send a thought asking him to speak to you).  Concentrate intently on the message you’re sending.

7.  Wait for the call.  If you do not get it within 24 hours.  Repeat the exercise again the following day.

8.  Keep a log of how long it took from the time of the you sent the first message to the time you received your call or validation that the message was received.

The point of this exercise is to demonstrate the fact that communication with thought does not depend on distance.  With thought, we can transcend space.  Once you master this task, you will be ready to communicate with spirit.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Anysia for giving me your insight. l recently lost my mother, who suffered from MS for well over 30 years.She was my best friend, i lived with her for all of my years to date. i am now 43. l witnessed mums strength and love of life everyday, she was such an inspiration to me and many, and overcome so many obstacles with a smile, she is beautifull. We spent so much time together as she was completly disabled for so long, i miss her terribly, she is so special. Your website has given me much joy to know that i can communicate with her, and i havnt lost her forever.l beleive she has already showed me some signs, which means the world to me. Our journey together has been unique and losing my mum has been so heart renching for me, but reading your information has enlightended me, and i wanted to thank you.My mum was in intensive care and unconcious for 2 weeks before passing, do you beleive that she could hear me talking to her at this time.l was holding her, with my face against hers as the life support was stopped, and encorouging her to go with nan & pop (already passed), as i wanted mum to be in the best place possible for her, as hard as this was.My mother always spoke of her much loved father who passed many years ago, but for her she spoke of him daily as if she was chatting with him regulary, i always thought he was wathcing over her and giving her comfort with her illness.l worry that she is o.k with her last visit to hospital as it was so devastating, and is happy and at peace where she is, and need to know that mum feels how very much loved and honored she is.Thank you for you most interesting knowledge and for giving me light. Regards and all the very best to you. Tania

  2. Thank you, Tania for sharing your loving story of your mother.I do believe that she could hear you, though she was unconscious at the time. The body may fail but the soul is everlasting. It is not uncommon for passed-on family members to help cross someone over; it happens quite often. You know she is at peace where she is and I am so happy to hear that you have received a sign from her, as well. I always say, ” Our loved ones are only a thought away.” This is so very true. If you just send her thoughts, as you have done in the above exercise, she will be able to receive them. Our thoughts transcend all physical boundaries. Much love and light to you as you continue your spiritual relationship with your loving mother.
    Love and light,