Communicating Through Thought – Basic Exercise

Thought communication is a method used to connect with our physically deceased loved ones.  In order to communicate with thought, we must be able to shut out the physical sounds and sights. Meditation is a good practice for training the mind to accomplish this task.  You may want to start by sending thought to a physical person.  At first, it is best to try the exercise with someone in close physical proximity.

1.  Sit quietly and relax the mind– allowing all thoughts to flow in and out freely.
2.  Think of a person in close physical proximity–it can be someone in the same room, house, building, or neighborhood.
3.  Close your eyes and picture the person vividly in your mind–all details of them physically.
4.  Using your mind, think of the person’s name and say it in your mind three times.
5.  Now that you have pictured the person and thought of his name, call out to him using only your mind
6.  Send a thought to the person asking him to call you (if the person is in the same room, you can send a thought asking him to speak to you).  Concentrate intently on the message you’re sending.
7.  Wait for the call.  If you do not get it within 24 hours.  Repeat the exercise again the following day.
8.  Keep a log of how long it took from the time of the you sent the first message to the time you received your call or validation that the message was received.

This type of communication is what I use to connect with spirits.  As you become proficient in it with the living, you will be able to use the method for the spirits as well.  It is a simple exercise to train your mind to work with thoughts.  Please feel free to ask any questions or post your results when you try the exercise.

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2 Comments to “Communicating Through Thought – Basic Exercise”

  1. graham says:

    my girlfriend & i lived together for 14 years.i loved her very munch,we did alot together.she died suddenly about 2 months ago why don’t i get a sign that she is around me.sometimes i feel i do but i’am not sure.will i see her on the other side.she was divorced before i met her.will she be with the ex or will she be with me on the other side.i’am so heartbroken i do not no what to do anymore.i was going to commit suecide so i could be with her.but if i did that i believe i would never see her again on the other do you really know their spirits are around us all the time.i never experienced it before and why don’t i.thanks for listening.

    • anysiakiel says:

      I am very sorry about the sudden passing of your girlfriend. Asking for a dream visit is sometimes the easiest way for our loved ones to get through to us after they pass. It is especially helpful when we are heavy with grief. When we grieve deeply our energy vibrates a little lower and they cannot get through to us. Suicide is not a way to see our loved ones on the other side. As you know from reading the suicide article on here, they go to a healing place on the other side and are not in the same place as their loved ones. You may want to read the article on here called “Clairsentience – The Overlooked Psychic Ability” it explains how we “feel energy”. When a loved one visits in spirit, you will feel a sense of their love and you will recognize their energy. You may even be brought to tears as you reconnect with their energy. I would suggest following the exercise on the blog of asking for a sign.

      Love, light, and healing,