Communicating With Family and Friends – Asking For A Spirit Sign

As we discussed in an earlier post called Is Everyone A Medium?, not all of us desire to communicate with all spirits.  But each of us has an ability to communicate on some level with our passed on loved ones, if we choose to engage it.  Whenever we lose someone close to us, we grieve and it is a very natural part of the emotional process we experience.  But, if we accept that our loved one’s soul resides with God, it helps us to grieve a bit less.  If we take that a step further and acknowledge that the soul lives on and can communicate with us, then we are actually only grieving the physical loss of our loved one.

We may never get to see or embrace them again in this life.  But we can communicate, so they aren’t really gone.  They have changed form; they’ve moved from a physical form to a spiritual one.  They can help us and often send messages of love and support.  There are several ways we can communicate with them and until we are skilled at using our minds telepathically, they will have to resort to the physicality of our messages.

Before we try to communicate, let us remember to first bubble our energy, tunnel ourselves in lightcall in our guides,  and ground before and after we communicate.  These steps are necessary to ensure that we are getting the highest vibrational energy and that we are only attracting the spirits of those with which we wish to communicate.  Once you have completed these steps, you are read to begin.

Using your mind, call out to your loved one using the birth name and birth date.  Call out to them three times in the name of God and ask your guides to engage.  Next, try asking for a sign.  This is the most rudimentary way to communicate.  Ask them to send a sign–be specific–so you don’t dismiss it.  You can choose an image, or a physical object like a bird or animal, or a song.

Once you get your sign (it could take a day or several days), send them a thought of thanks and love.  Invite them to send a sign or message any time they need to and know that they come to you with more love and support than you can ever imagine.  Thank God for the connection you have to your loved ones because without the divine intervention, it would not exist.
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