Connecting With The Higher Self

Your-Higher-SelfLife can sometimes be overwhelming especially when we encounter change or conflict. We may feel alone and isolated. But when we connect to the higher self, the spirit version of ourselves, we realize that we always have all the love and support we need.

The higher self is the true essence of you.  It’s your total and complete version free of projections, issues, and fears–the Divine form of you.  What exists on the Earth plane is basically a small part of your total self that is engaging in physical life.  The higher self oversees the human self and once connected, the higher self provides deep guidance for navigating life on Earth.  The higher self exists in the spirit realm of the Divine.

We can connect our human selves at anytime to receive help from the higher self.  But if we clear out our fears and projections and raise our vibrations, we can be closer to our higher selves on a regular basis.  The higher self is in the vibration of unconditional love, so the more time we spend in that vibration, the closer we are to merging with our higher selves.  This means choosing to look at experiences from a soul-perspective, rather than an ego-based one, realizing that all experiences are for our highest good. It also means engaging in kindness towards others and completely loving and accepting ourselves.

Until we reach the point where the higher self is consistently connected to the human self, we have the ability to engage with our higher self through meditation. As we connect to the higher self, a sense of total peace and unconditional love envelopes us like a soft blanket. It is at this point that we become fully aware of how many things we need to clear from our human life.  Connecting to the higher self helps us realize how and what we should be feeling all the time.  When we connect, we receive information about how we can improve our lives, if we just listen.  It’s time to live life, as your soul chose before you incarnated.  Connect with your higher self, get on our soul path, and start living a life full of love!

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