Crossing Over Earth-bound Children

I don’t encounter Earth-bound souls of children on a regular basis.  Most of them cross at the right time.  But when I meet one, it grabs hold of me because the soul presents itself with all the physical child-like attributes.  It will remain in that state until it crosses to the spirit realm.

A child soul may stay on the Earth for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes, the body encounters a sudden passing and the soul stays in a confused state.  A child soul may feel that it did not have enough time on Earth and might try to stay behind to continue living–though it is not physically possible.  In some cases, the child soul remains Earth-bound because of the grief of the family.  When we experience a loss, grief can envelope us.  If we constantly think about how much we miss the person that has passed, we can be part of the process that prevents them from moving on.

One night I read a book on my bed and waited for my son, Brayden, to fall asleep in his room.  I heard a child giggle and then noticed a brown-haired little boy (he was not as tall as my footboard, so I could not see his body) move across the room.  He had hair like Brayden and I wondered if my son was out of his bed.  I walked in his Brayden’s room and discovered him sleeping soundly.  Confused, I made my way back to my room to find the cutest little boy standing before me.  He had the brightest eyes–so big and warm.
“Hello sweetie, what’s your name?”  He told me his name and gave a little jump on his toes as he said it.   I asked how old he was and he said that he was three.
“Why are you here?” I asked.  He clasped his hands under his chin and his face grew sad as his smile melted into a frown.
“Mommy’s always crying,” he said.  When I asked why his mommy was always crying, the little boy told me he fell in a pool.  My heart raced as I felt tears well in my eyes.  Then I got some images in my third eye of the incident as well as pictures of both his parents.  I recognized both his mother and father because they had graduated high school with my older sister.  I realized his guides had led him to me because he needed to cross.  I assured him that his mother would be fine and he needed to cross. He smiled and then vanished.

The next morning, I read his obituary in the paper and it confirmed his age of three; he was only a year younger than my own son.  Crossing this child gripped me emotionally for a few reasons.  As a mother, he was close in age to my own son.  In addition, my son had a drowning incident at the age of two.  My husband was home watching him and Brayden slipped out the back door unnoticed, to go for a swim.  Fortunately, he was pulled from the pool and revived without any injury.  But I felt that I could have easily been in this mother’s shoes; I knew the pain she felt.  I had to help this child.  I needed to get him across, so his soul could release the child imprint and live as the other souls in the afterlife.

A few days later, he showed up again.  He smiled but didn’t say a word.  I got an image of his funeral.  I recognized the church and as the family took its place in the pew, he sat next to his mother holding her left hand.  His mother’s grief held him to the Earth and he felt the need to stay and comfort her.  I admired his unconditional love for his mother and his desire to help her heal.

I knelt down and smiled. “You have to cross.  It’s the best thing you can do for her.”  He squinted his eyes as if confused.  “Your mother will be ok and you need to help her from the other side.  God needs you over there.”  He grinned and a brightness glistened in his eyes.
“God needs me?”  he asked eagerly.  I nodded my head.  Then I telepathically called out to his guides and asked them to take him across.  I tunneled him and the entire house and within a few moments, he was gone.

I thanked the universe for the experience of allowing me to help the child soul. I sent thoughts of healing to the young boy’s mother.  Letting go of our children can be the hardest part, when and if they pass.  But we need to let them cross to the other side, where their souls will continue to learn, grow, and love us.  They are only a thought away from us.

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  1. Dawn-Michelle Matson says:

    Wow! Thank youz sooooooo much! This so beautiful! My mother died when I was 7yrs old & this really touched my heart & soul. O:-)