Do Passed-on Family Members Visit During Holidays?

I’m often asked if passed-on family members visit the Earth plane during holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.  For me, spirits are always around and they don’t need a special occasion to visit.  Usually they want to transmit messages or signs to loved ones and request assistance in relaying their information.  But for people not involved in spirit communication, spirit visits are a welcome surprise and often bring some validation. Though our family members are busy with their jobs on the other side, they’re always connected to our energy.

A good friend of mine, Jay, lost his youngest brother and best buddy, Woody, at the young age of twenty-six.  Jay, a rugged Bostonian Irishman, had a rough time with the passing; he lost a piece of heart and childhood, the day he buried Woody–the spunky kid who gained his childhood nickname from his impeccable imitation of cartoon character, Woody Woodpecker.  But a few months after his brother passed something interesting happened on Christmas Eve. As Jay’s children were nestled in their beds dreaming of Santa’s arrival, he and his wife finished the last minute wrapping and placed gifts under the tree. They heard footsteps upstairs, though the children had been in bed for several hours. Jay climbed the stairs expecting to see a little one out of bed.  He found them sleeping soundly in the peaceful darkness. Jay went downstairs and reported all heads in check to his wife. He wondered if his brother had visited.  A few seconds later, he heard a door shut. He went back upstairs and found all doors open. Jay had hoped the inexplicable events were connected to a visit from Woody, but he couldn’t be sure.  A year later when his brother came through in a reading, Woody confirmed that he checked-in on his nieces and nephews that Christmas Eve.

My father’s best friend, Jack, lost his oldest brother, Bill, in November of 2009. Even though I had spoken with Bill right after his passing, Jack had hoped for a his own sign from his brother and sent him thoughts daily reiterating this request. A couple of weeks after Bill’s passing, as Jack lay in bed on the morning of his birthday, he heard a large crashing downstairs.  Jack examined the rooms downstairs and couldn’t identify the source of the noise.  Then he entered a small room, which he used for working out.  It housed two twenty-five pound dumb bells, which rested in the grooves of an old radiator.  Alas, one of the twenty-five pound dumb bells, which had not been touched in two days, mysteriously fell off the radiator and onto a gift basket containing tea cups.  Not only had the incident taken place on Jack’s birthday but at his exact birth hour, as well.  Jack sent me an email and asked if I thought it was a sign from Bill.  Of course, I responded by asking if his question was rhetorical.  A sign like that was hard to miss.  I told him to consider it a special birthday gift and perhaps an early Christmas present.

A loving thread extends from the Earth plane to the spirit world uniting us to our physically deceased loved ones. Our thoughts and emotions travel in this thread like sound through a phone cable.  When something happens in our lives, they know about it and enjoy sharing in the joyful experiences such as the births of new children, weddings, and birthdays.  They also visit during times of distress when someone is ill or during a passing to cross over a loved one. Though they can’t be with us for every special occasion, they’re there when we need them most.  This holiday season, send thoughts of love and gratitude to passed on family members and know that our loved ones are only a thought away.

Love, Light and Christmas Blessings,


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