Do Pets Have Souls?


This question comes up a lot.  People always wonder if a pet that passed-on has gone to heaven.  I have often seen pets come up with their former human companions–who are now in spirit form. I have encountered the spirits of dogs, cats, birds, and a host of reptiles as well.

I used to volunteer at the Associated Humane Societies Tinton Falls location.  For two years, I visited the shelter every Thursday and gave Reiki to the cats, dogs, bunnies, and ferrets.  It was a wonderful lesson in compassion because the animals were so loving and grateful to be helped.  As I worked on the animals, I would get images of where they had been before they wound up in the shelter.  I could see the conditions the animals were exposed to including those involving neglect and abuse.  Though they could not verbalize, the animals told stories with the images and their emotions which they shared in the healing sessions.

Early on in my shelter work, I met a dog named Blue.  He was a blue Doberman Pinscher.  His shirt-haired coat was a beautiful shade of gray-blue. Although he was less than two-years-old, his paws were immense–an indication of his tremendous growth potential.  His most striking feature was his icy blue eye color–like a clean deep ocean–which gave his eyes a human quality.  I nicknamed him Gentle Giant for though he had a large frame, he had the personality of an affectionate little lap dog.

The shelter manager said Blue was turned in because he tried to bite his owner.  But, I got a very different impression when I worked on the Gentle Giant.  I saw his former owner trying to make the dog aggressive by taunting him with a stick.  Blue just sat there with his head cocked to the side as if confused.  I got the impression his owner wanted a large breed dog and preferred an aggressive temperament.  But the Gentle Giant didn’t have the makings of an aggressive disposition, so he was turned into the shelter.

At the advice of my doctor, I  stopped volunteering at the shelter when I was seven months pregnant with my daughter.  I had been scratched by one of the cats and my doctor was concerned about me contracting Toxoplasmosis. I deep sadness resonated in me as I walked through the shelter on my last day.  But I continued to send distance energy to the animals, even though I could not be there physically.

A couple of months ago, I was doing a distance healing session on someone.  I had soft music playing on the Pandora radio station.  Toward the end of the session, I saw images of Blue, Gentle Giant.  He was running in a lush green field and his silvery coat glistened in the bright sun.  He sat in front of me for a moment and then ran off.  I opened my eyes and the song on the Pandora station was Vangelis’  – Remembering Blue.   I sat in my chair and sent him thoughts of gratitude and love for his sweet visit.   “Yes”, pets have souls (even those without human owners) and “Yes”, their souls live-on, just like those of their human counterparts.

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  1. Karen says:

    That is a beautiful story. It makes me sad when such beautiful animals are not appreciated.