Energetic Anchor Points

I have written in the past about energetic cords that we form between ourselves and others and the need to cut these cords regularly for the benefit of our energetic fields.  Today, I am discussing a type of cord that goes a bit deeper.  It is call an energetic anchor point and most of us have had them for quite some time but have become so accustomed to this constant draw off our energy that we are numb to feeling it.

An energetic cords is an invisible connection between ourselves and others that bonds us to that person or people and siphons energy from our field.  We form cords in general to those we are attached to through circumstances. If you are a parent, you will have cords to your children and your spouse, etc.  The cords that you need to consciously cut are those to others outside the immediate family like friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and work colleagues that can be draining you.  If you find that after engaging with a person on any level, you need to take a break from them or distance yourself, then you might have a cord that needs to be cut.  If you find after you are away from the person, you are constantly concerned about them and they are always in your thoughts, perhaps it is a friend who is sick or going through some type of life change, then you need to cut the cord between you and them.

In my healing sessions with my client, I say an opening prayer to align our guides and work together for whatever is in their highest intentions and I shield the energy in the space.  As I work with my clients, I can see, feel and hear anything that is stored in or connected to their energetic field. When we are done with the session, I say a closing prayer, in which I cut all cords between us, pull everything out by the root, and clear the space of any residual imprints from the healing.  If I did not cut the cords, I would still feel my clients’ imprints and energy after the sessions.

Anchor points are types of cords that are embedded in the aura because they have been attached with our knowledge and acceptance.  Like a tic that burrows in the human skin, the anchor point is attached deeply in the emotional layer of the aura. But the problem is that an anchor point is from someone lower than your vibration and they are constantly pulling from your field.  Instead of it being a like stream of energy going from you to the person through a cord, it is more like a firehose of your energy flowing to that person constantly. It is a parasitic energetic bond in which you are the host to someone else who is constantly feeding off your energetic field. The bond in the anchor point is always an emotional one. Perhaps they make us feel needed and wanted, or maybe they support us when we are down. Of maybe we feel sorry for them because they are going through some type of tough time in life and we feel guilty abandoning them, so we constantly allow them to be connected to us.  If you look at your life and take a look at who you talk to every day or every other day, you might have an energetic anchor point with that person or those people.

When you do the exercise listed below, you will feel the difference in your energy, as you cut both the energetic cords and the anchor points, it is physically noticeable.  Sometimes, I do this in sessions with clients and it is the most amazing thing because those who are benefiting from the energy at the other end of the anchor, immediately feel the disconnection.  I had one client that we did the exercise with and as soon as we finished the session, he checked his phone and at the exact moment we pulled out the anchor point, the person that had been disconnected, texted him and tried to engage him.  Even though that other person did not know what we were doing in the session, the change in energy could be felt. The people that you disconnect from will feel it and they will reach out to try to reconnect.  What we do after the exercise is tell our guides that we only allow connections that we consciously choose to allow in to our energy.  This exercise should be done regularly to ensure you are not giving too much of your energy to others and you are vibrating at the highest possible rate.


Exercise – Removing Anchor Points in our Energetic Fields 

                   What you will need for this exercise: Your mind in a relaxed state and a place to recline.

  1. Allow yourself to recline and close your eyes.
  2. Using your mind, call in your guides. Ask them to shield both you & the space you are in.
  3. Once your are shielded, ask your guided to show you all the cords attached to your energetic field and all the people attached to those cords. (You should see what looks like a bunch of threads attached to your aura and you will see people attached to the other end of those threads).  You should recognize everyone attached, if you don’t ask who they are. 
  4. Next, ask your guided to remove all cords and pull everything out by the root and send it to the Light.  If we don’t pull it out by the root, we are essentially pulling only the top of the cord, the same way we would pull out only the top of a weed and it can continue to keep growing in the same place.  When we pull by the root, it is totally removed, unless we allow it to attach, again.  Ask that all of those people who were attached to you, be connected to their own sources of energy, so they can vibrate at a higher rate on their own.  Send them love for whatever is in their highest intentions.
  5. Ask your guides to show you all the anchor points anchored in your aura.  These cords will be much thicker and heavier. Ask to also be shown all the people attached to the anchor points. You will be amazed at who is there and that they are still attached to your field.  
  6. Ask your guides to pull out all the anchor points by the root.  As you do this, you will feel a shift in your energy.  Send all the anchor points to the Light and again ask that all of these people be plugged into their own energetic source, so they can vibrate at the highest possible rate for them.  Send them love for whatever is in their highest intentions.
  7. Next, pull in all the energy that you were giving away to others.  You will see the cords and anchor cables (without the people attached) and they will be wrapping around you and dissolving in your aura.  It might like a spool of thread with a bunch of thin and thick threads being wrapped around it in a clockwise direction.  You will see it in whatever way is best for you.
  8. Next, instruct your guides to block all anchor points to your field.  No one should ever have a constant draw off of your.  Your energy is for you and those you choose to share it with but no one should ever be able to have a right to pull from you constantly.
  9. Also tell your guides to only allow cords to those you consciously choose to allow such as children, family members, etc.
  10. Do this exercise everyday for one week and notice how much lighter and more centered you feel!

You are always in control of your energy.  You are in charge of who you allow in and around your energetic field. Don’t forget that fact!



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