Finding A Spiritual Routine For Energy Workers

Most energy workers have some type of ritual that they perform daily to protect their energy and clear spaces.  For energy workers, there can be several energetic issues that arise.  Everyone has an energetic imprint, so after a session of healing, mediumship, or psychic read, residual energy can remain in a space.  With regard to mediumship, spirits can form attachments and basically follow the medium and affect her energy.  Since both my children are also mediums, I also have to perform exercises to protect them, until they are old enough to establish their own methods.  As a result I have a morning ritual that I do before I get out of bed and then an evening ritual that I perform at night right before bed.

Every morning,  before I get out of bed, I envision myself in a golden bubble.  I also do this for all of the members of my household, including my pets.  Next, I envision a red cord extending from my root chakra down to the center of the Earth.  Once I feel my energy deeply grounded and connected to the Earth’s core,  I envision the cord dropping to the center of the Earth.  I say a prayer to God asking for divine inspiration through the day.  Then send out thoughts of gratitude, love, healing, and light to the universe.  Then I’m ready to rise from the bed and begin a magnificent day.

If at any time during the day I feel uneasy or overwhelmed by the energy around me, I envision myself in a shower of golden light and I immediately feel balanced.  I also ground myself several times a day. It is essential for me to ground after spirit communication or a healing session.  I envision root from the earth growing right up my legs and I visually push my energy drown from my upper chakras down through me feet.

I have a very specific routine that I perform every night.  The first thing I do is say a prayer of thanks to God almighty for my life on Earth and the divine inspiration that is always with me.  Next I thank my spirit guides for being with me and ask them for their continued guidance as my mind relaxes and my body sleeps.  I ask them to protect me from any impression that any spirit or entity may try to impose upon me. I also ask to always be held in the light of the universe.

Next I ask my guides and the angels to cut all cords attached to my energy in the present, past, or future and in all dimensions (this usually cuts off anyone including spirits that may have formed attachments).  Then I begin to tunnel light around and through each person and pet in our home.  Once this is completed, I then call in my guides and tunnel light in every room of the house including the attic.  After tunneling light in the house, I envision the house engulfed in a white light tunnel that extends from the ground to the heavens.  I picture and residual energy or spirits funneled out the top of the tunnel and ushered through to the heaves with the aid of the angelic realm.  As soon as this is completed, the house feels lighter and peaceful.  Then it is time for me to rest.

If I forget to perform the evening ritual, I’m reminded by some type of disturbance.  Either a smoke alarm goes off in the early hours of the morning without any smoke any sign of smoke, or we wake to hearing footsteps  in our hallway, or I have vivid dreams of low vibrational spirits getting very close to me and trying to force me to cross them.  Usually, when these things happen, my husband wakes and asks me if I cleared the house before bed.  Once reminded, I quickly perform my ritual, and my home is restored to a state of peace once more.

Working with spirits is a natural part of life for many energy workers.  But those of us on the Earth plane need to set limits, so that we may have much needed peace and rest in our lives.  Since spirits don’t have a sense of time, we would be helping them ’round the clock, if we didn’t set limits.  By establishing a spiritual ritual, one can bring peace and balance to a life of working with energy and spirits.

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