Forgiveness In The Afterlife

Millions of people are murdered every year but their souls live on in the afterlife.  The act of physically murdering someone resides in emotional darkness whether spurred by jealousy, envy, or anger.  Often, living family members of the murder victim perceive the dark energy of the experience and sometimes it envelopes them.  In these types of situations, living family members of the murder victim are remarkably surprised when the victim comes thorough and asks them to forgive the murderer.

Emotions connected to these types of experiences are left on the Earth plane with the living.  My maternal great grandfather died a somewhat mysterious death.  A short thin Italian immigrant always seen in dress shirts, he listened to opera, likes small glasses of red wine, demitasse, and spoke his native language.  One day after having an argument with his daughter and son-in-law, he decided to take a trip to visit his cousin in update New York.  The little man in his late seventies packed his leather valise and walked down to the train station.  No one heard from him again until the New York City Police Department contacted my grandmother and asked her to identify his body.  They had found him in the Hudson River.

A couple of years ago, my mother asked me to reach out to him.  She wanted to know that he was okay.  As soon as I connected with his energy, he began singing an Italian song that his used to sing to my mother.  Fortunately, I speak Italian, so I understood the lyrics and could translate for him.  My mother relished the fact that he shared such a specific detail to validate his visit.

I asked him how he passed.  I saw him walking in front of Penn Station in New York City in the evening.  Two men came up behind him and grabbed him under each arm.  They proceeded to walk with him, as though they were having a conversation.  They headed toward 12th Avenue, which ends at one of the ferry port stations.  Next, I watched the taller or the two men as he picked up my frail great grandfather and threw him head first over a railing into the water.  But because it was low tide and shallow, he hit his head on a rock and eventually drowned. The two men walked off with his valise containing his wallet and other personal items.

The two men thought they robbed him but it did not seem like it was their intention to murder him.  My great grandfather held no ill will toward his murderers. He continued to share his loving memories with my mom and he even brought through some of her other passed-on family members, as well.

Sometime when someone is murdered, they stick around until their body is found.  But even in those situations, I have never seen a soul hold out on forgiving a murderer.  Recently a friend asked me to  reach out to a woman who went missing more than five years ago.  My friend works with the missing woman’s close friend.  They never found the missing woman’s body and her husband claims that she abandoned her family and vanished.  When I reached out to the missing woman, I found that she had in fact passed at the hands of her husband. Like other murdered souls, this woman had forgiven her husband.  She also refused to tell us exactly where he concealed her body.  She said that if they found her body, he would go to jail for the rest of his life and her three children would probably be raised in separate homes. She felt that it would be better to have the children raised by their birth father.  The missing woman’s friend was gravely disappointed in the information.  But we all hold the belief that in time, the husband’s conscious will bring him to confess and tell the truth about the situation.

The souls of murdered love ones are completely compassionate and forgiving.  It is exceptionally difficult for family and friends of murder victims to cope with their losses of loved ones and not feel anger toward the murderers.  Perhaps those of us on the Earth plane can learn a lesson in compassion and forgiveness from these souls on the other side.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This blog entry brought tears to my eyes. Like you said, I indeed am having a great deal of trouble forgiving my sister who murdered our mother.
    Yes, our mother was old, but she did not have a terminal illness, nor was she in pain. However she was in a wheel chair and needed 24 hour care. This care was depleting the principle of the estate, and diminishing the amount of inheritance that my sister and I would inherit. Out of greed, my sister did a “soft kill” with a drug. (This was discovered at autopsy.) My sister is not getting prosecuted, and I am still very upset and unforgiving of her. I can't bear to see her, or communicate with her. I know my mother is happy in heaven, but still, I can not get over the injustice done to her. –Karina

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, Karina. I am glad the blog post resonated with you. Perhaps you were led to it, so that in time you might be able to forgive your sister. It is so hard for us to keep anger in our hearts. It often has a physical effect on us. Know that your mother is at peace on the other side. Perhaps you will have peace regarding her passing in the near future.
    Love and light,


  3. Anonymous says:

    Anysia, Thank you for your reply. I do appreciate it.

    Although this murder occurred two years ago, my psychic pain gets reactivated every time I have to deal with estate matters, which is now. I also just can't see allowing my sister to get 50% of our mom's considerable estate after the surreptitious pre-medicated murder. (She gave her drugs for about 10 days, while everyone else was so perplexed as to why my mom went into an inexplicable coma.) Only after the autopsy toxicology report did the truth come out.

    I just can't reconcile the rules on this side (poisoning is 1st degree murder), with the forgiveness on the other side. Whose rules do I play with?

    Regarding the universal “slayer's statute” (a murderer can not gain an inheritance from their evil deed) I'm happy to give away to charity the 50% that my sister is set to inherit. Again, whose rules do I use? Earthly, or heavenly? After many google searches, your site is one of the few hits I got on the subject of murderers and the afterlife.

  4. I understand your difficult decision. You will have to decide what is the best choice. It is hard to forgive and forget sometimes, but what good is it doing you to hold on to those emotions? Maybe you should sit quietly and ask your mother to help you make the best decision. There is always help for us on the other side. They are only a thought away from us.
    Love and light,


  5. Anonymous says:

    Well Anysia, I have tried to connect with my mother, both directly, and indirectly, via mediums. My mother has said to me (via Lisa Williams, a medium) that, “There is nothing you could have done [to prevent her death],” which did relieve some of my pain. However, I do feel that the ancient laws against murder here on Earth are present for a good reason.

    Although my mother has communicated to me, “It's your decision — do what's best,” it is still a difficult decision. My mother is happy and does not need the “justice” here on Earth, but, as an incarnate Earth being, I need more.

    I feel my sister needs to admit and repent. The Bible says to forgive another who repents of their sin. My sister has not repented yet — she won't even discuss the matter. (She won't admit, nor will she deny what she did. She just refuses to answer any questions about it.)

    I'm sorry to be burdening you with my story, but so few other outlets for discussing the spiritual ramifications of this matter and the decisions to prosecute or not. I thank you for your thoughtful responses.