Funerals For The Physically Living


With most passings we follow the rituals of funerals–times for loved ones and friends to gather and celebrate the lives of those who have passed-on. It can also be a chance for us to say goodbye or see someone for the last time. Funerals are part of the grieving and healing processes for those living on Earth. They’re  necessary transitional components in our lives.

This past week, we attended a funeral for a family member. On the long drive home, my husband said, “I don’t need all that funeral stuff. Just cremate my ashes privately. I don’t want people sitting in a room crying over me.” I eyed him strangely as he kept his gaze on the road in front of him.  I wondered why he blurted out that comment. Maybe he was tired from working all day and having to attend the funeral at night or maybe he really felt that funerals were a waste of time. My ten-year-old son, who was sitting in the back seat said in a serious tone,”We don’t care what you want. The funeral is for us not for you.” I chuckled a bit at my son’s candor, but it was honest and true.

For most of us funerals allow us to honor the lives of those who have passed. We share memories and stories with friends and loved ones that we haven’t seen in some time. Funerals also help us heal, too.  We release some of the grief we carry in our hearts.  We share the sadness with other bereaved loved ones and it helps soothe the sting of death. Can you imagine if we didn’t have funerals and we kept all that sadness and heaviness locked in our hearts?

Funerals are also opportunities to say goodbye–to see loved ones for the last time. We often just want to see them one more time.  Funerals are for those living on Earth rather than for those who are in spirit form. We need a transition. The funeral creates a transitional step for us between seeing the person living one day and having them gone for ever the next day.

Funerals are also transitions of something deeper–of letting go of the physical relationships with passed-on loved ones and creating new spiritual relationships with them.  Often our loved ones attend their funerals to help us navigate the grief, but we  aren’t always open to perceiving their spirits. In a healing session with a client, a spirit came through and requested that rather than honoring the death date of her passing as a time of leaving Earth, view it as a date that her soul graduated to heaven.   Once we’ve worked through the funeral and grief transition, we can move on into the Light and continue spiritual relationships with our loved ones.

Love and Light,
Anysia Kiel


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