Grounding Our Hands

We need to ground our energy regularly.  In the past, we discussed various methods for grounding the energy in our bodies.  Most entail the energy flowing downward from the crown chakra through the other major chakras and into the Earth.  By connecting ourselves to the Earth, we can ensure that we are fully present in the moment.

Many energy workers use their hands regularly in their work.  There are a myriad of people who fall into this area including but not limited to the following:  Energy healers, Psychics, Mediums, Tarot Readers, Palm Readers, Doctors, Nurses, Massage therapists, Musicians, Artists, and Writers.  How many of these energy workers think to ground their hands?  If we want to stay connected with the Earth, why not specifically ground the part of the body conducting the most energy?

Grounding of hands can give an immediate and solid connection to the Earth. It only takes a couple of minutes and can be used in conjunction with the body grounding exercises or as a standalone method.  All energy workers should ground their hands daily.  One can ground hands using a number of methods:

1.  Cords From Hands
Envision one cord coming from each hand and extending down to the center of the Earth.  Feel your energy quickly pull down and connect to the Earth’s core.  Once you feel well grounded, envision both cords dropping down and absorbing into the Earth.

2.  Root Method
Picture roots growing up from the Earth and into your hands.  Feel your energy connect and meld into the Earth’s.  As you feel your energy connected and rooted in the Earth, envision the roots disappearing into the ground.

3.  Grounding Stones
Hold grounding stones (Hematite, Black Obsidian, or Onyx) in both hands and feel your energy pull down into both hands.  Picture the energy in your hands being magnetized by the Earth’s core.

4.  Physical Method
Walk outside and place your hands on the ground (preferably not concrete or cement). Place both hands on a natural surface.  You can put your hands on the grass, in dirt, the shallow end of a body of water, or in sand.  Feel the energy in your hands link with that of the natural surface and the Earth.

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