Healing Root Causes of Illness and Dis-ease

When physical ailments arise, we often rush to treat the symptoms which have surfaced.  But we don’t always look within to see what our bodies are trying to tell us.  Physical dis-ease arises out of a schism between the body, mind, and spirit.  If we take an introspective look at ourselves, we can identify the root causes of illness and begin to truly to heal ourselves.

Just short of two years ago, my youngest brother, Kyle, was diagnosed with an advanced stage of testicular cancer.  His illness had spread up his digestive tract, to his lungs, and through his lymph nodes.  Because of the aggressive nature of his illness, he needed surgery and chemotherapy immediately.  But he also studied Reiki and obtained his Master-level certification.  In addition, he meditated regularly and came for weekly psychic healing sessions.  At the root of the manifestation was a deep resentment and rejection of self.  Kyle knew he needed to make changes in his life in addition to the energetic work his soul needed.  He healed himself and has been cancer-free for almost two years now.  But it was not just the allopathic medicine that healed him. His integrative approach to his illness addressed the physical, mental, and spiritual issues.

Right before my daughter’s birth, my six-year-old son developed a rare kidney disease.  We ran him to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia  weekly.  It seemed like as soon as he finished a course of antibiotics, he would return to school and get sick again.  Like hamsters on a wheel, the disease ran us in circles with no end in sight.  During my fist healing session with him, I found that much of his illness was rooted in fear.  A primary fear was related to us having a new baby in the family.  I asked him if he felt that we did not need him anymore because we had the new baby.  I had specifically heard this information while I had my hand over his right kidney.  He confirmed that was exactly how he felt.  At that point I realized that he had been an only child for the last six years and threatened by the new addition to our family.  He said, “I thought if you did not want me to live here anymore now that you have the new baby, I might be able to live with Nana and Papa.”  Hearing these words ached my heart.  As I wiped tears from my eyes, I assured him that we loved him unconditionally and needed him in our family.  He sobbed and I knew the healing began.

His doctors thought removing his tonsils would eliminate the continual infection that triggered his kidney disease. We continued to work together addressing the root issues and integrating the energetic healing along with the work of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Nephrology Unit.  I remember during one of our healing sessions, I said that he had to want to be here with us. I could help him but he had to believe that it was important for him to be here living his life with us.  He soon found his place once again in the family and I decided to attune him to Reiki, so he could heal himself.  Today, he is nine years old and his kidney disease is in remission and so is his asthma that he had since birth.  He is a profound Reiki Level 2 healer and feels quite comfortable healing himself, other people, and animals too.

When illness and dis-ease arise in our bodies, we should always seek the assistance of a trained medical professional in case the condition needs immediate attention.   But we should also consider why that illness is surfacing.  What is our body trying to tell us?  What is at the root of the illness?  How can we clear and release it?  If we are willing to look deeply at our illnesses and address root causes, we can clear them from our energy fields and heal our bodies, minds, and spirits completely.

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