Healing The Inner Child


We’re born to this Earth, as pure vibrant souls full of love. The Divine intended for us to be perfect and complete in every way.  As we grow, we long to be ourselves and connect our souls to others.  But over time, we’re taught that our unique traits are wrong because they’re different from others.  We hide ourselves, so we can blend in.  As we blend, we build protective layers around us.  We grow further and further from ourselves on a soul-level and we forget why we came here.  For those of us that are aware, we spend much of our adult lives peeling these layers away revealing our souls to others and remembering and living our soul purposes.

It all begins in childhood.  We sign-on for experiences with other souls.  We choose our parents to clear Karma and honor soul contracts.  But often, rather than move through the contracts with understanding and growth, we absorb them and we build our first layers to cover what we’ve absorbed.  For example, a person may have had an abusive father. That child soul might have agreed to that situation on a soul-level to understand and experience compassion and forgiveness in this life.  But on a human-level the child was hurt and perhaps believed that he was unworthy of love, so he built a protective layer to hide his hurt and as he grew he built layer over layer, to protect himself.

In a different circumstance, a child may have been very advanced psychically but born to fear-based parents that didn’t understand psychic awareness.  Perhaps the parents tried to hide the child’s abilities making her think others wouldn’t accept her for being different.  So this child too, built her first layer to protect and hide herself. As she grew and encountered rejection from others, she built new layers.

These differences that we grow up hiding are actually what makes us special. We’re all connected by our differences. My seven-year-old daughter, Briella summarized this one night for me in one of her bedtime parables that usually tie my mind in knots.  She asked why God made people different?  I said that I thought it was because people had different jobs on the Earth, so they needed to be different to do their jobs.  She said that sounded like a good idea and she thought for a moment.  Then she said, “Maybe if everyone looked like me, acted like me, lived in the same house as me, and ate the same food as me, then everyone would be the same.  No one would ever learn or grow because you can’t learn or grow, when things are all the same.  Maybe God made everyone different, so we can all grow and learn from each other.” Her answer made perfect sense and I was deeply humbled by the fact that she had just taught me an amazing lesson.

So it is a lesson for all of us.  We need to peel back all the protective layers that hide the buds of our souls from others. In doing so, we reveal our true natures and soul purposes; allowing our loving sensitive souls to blossom.  We’re all different and these differences should be celebrated not hidden.  For those of us who grew up hidden by layers, we can teach our children to be layer-free by allowing these old souls to be themselves.  I asked Briella,”What do you want to be when you grow up?”  She thought for a moment and said, “I just wanna be me.”  I hugged her and though that was the best possible answer.  We have the opportunity to peel back all our protective layers and show our souls and we can also help our children by loving and accepting them unconditionally, so they don’t have to add layers of protection.  We can teach them to be themselves and let their souls shine for everyone to see.

Namaste and much love,



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