Healing With The Earth’s Energy


When we think of healing ourselves, we may not recognize the energy of the Earth.  We my use the Divine Universal Life-force energy around us, if we are attuned to it.  We might include our focused intentions.  We may also include any prayers or invocations of assistance to loved ones in the spirit world, masters of light, saints, and spiritual deities.  Sometimes the energy most readily available to us is often overlooked.

Earlier this week, I went for a run with my twelve-year-old son, Brayden, who was riding his BMX bike. Through the thick humid air, we made our way to the newly extended bike path, which was lightly covered in gravel bits, as it has yet to be paved. Mounded heaps of sandy soil lined the path.  Brayden proceeded to jump these heaps on his bike, in a zigzag pattern.  At one point, the bike slipped out from under him and in an instant, he was on the ground with the bike handle bar pressed into his badly scrapped chest–bleeding right through his shirt .  Gasping for air, he chanted, “Mom please give me energy. Please give me energy.”  His big brown eyes glossed, as he fought back tears.  I knelt down and placed my palms on his legs.  I told him to calm his energy and heal himself.  As you know from my book, Discovering The Medium Within, Brayden was born with healing, psychic, and mediumship abilities and I knew he could easily heal himself.  I felt his energy settle but I also noticed a buzzing sensation from the ground.

As I held my palms against him, my eyes scanned the sandy ground.  Tiny quartz crystals reflected the sun’s light all around us.  I hadn’t noticed them when we got on the path but at eye-level it was blatantly visible and the ground’s energy pulsed vibrantly.  The little crystals reminded me of the kind found in Cape May, a little seashore Victorian retreat located at the southern most tip of New Jersey and favorite vacation place of mine for its amazing energy.  Cape May has an abundance of natural jasper forms in its soil but it also has tiny crystals in the sand also know as Cape May diamonds.

Brayden felt it too.  Although he didn’t know why, he said the sand made him feel calm and relaxed.  I picked up a few of the crystals and showed him how the sand was filled with them.  “This sand has very high vibrational healing energy,” I said.  I thought about taking a few of the crystals home and placing them around the yard but then I realized they were there for a reason and might help someone else down the road. I silently thanked the Universe for providing these amplified healing tools.  About five minutes later, Brayden rose to his feet and mounted his bike.  Although still sore, he felt well enough to continue to ride for another two miles.

The Earth exudes its own healing energy from the ground.  It extends upward through all things connected to the ground like trees, grass, sand, and all plants.  The energy is always available to help us heal, we just need to step outside and connect with it.  The Universe gives us all the tools we need in this life. It is a matter of tuning in and using them.

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