Helping Autistic Children


In my work lately, I’ve seen many children who are very sensitive not only to stimuli in the environment but also to all the energy around them.  Many of these children are unable to process all of this stimuli and it results in sensory overload, which can manifest emotionally with them dissociating or zoning out.  Sometimes, it manifests neurologically with physical tics and twitches.  Many parents are realizing that some medications can help to control these manifestations, but ultimately, the children’s energetic fields need balancing.

Anytime we see children manifesting illness at a young age, we have to ask a few energetic questions. First, did this soul manifest this condition in response to something in this lifetime or did this soul incarnate with this condition already imprinted?  As with any illness or physical condition, we also have to ask what is the soul trying to communicate to the mind and body by manifesting this?  Sometimes the condition results from present life trauma that needs to be healed with soul integration.  If it is a result of a previous experience, it will come up in the session and will get information about where those energetic imprints are stored, so we can clear them.

In addition to clearing the roots of what’s manifesting, we balance all the energetic areas involved.  Many of these children have too much energy in their heads.  As soon as I place my hands above their heads, I can feel the energy moving more rapidly than that of the average person.  As I work, the energy slows down and the children feel more relaxed and can focus and concentrate.  Then I go down to the feet a pull all the energy from the head down through the feet.  These children need a very heavy grounding.  I often recommend that children’s parent become attuned to Reiki 1, so they can help assist in the grounding and balancing of the children’s energy, daily.

Another main area to be balanced is the sacral chakra.  These children are highly empathic and take in and cannot always process all the energy around them.  Many of them have sacral chakras that are open too much.  By balancing the sacral chakra, we can limit the energy being processed through clairsentience and cut back on some of the external stimuli. The last thing I do is instruct the children and their parents on psychic shielding.  The children should be shielded each day before they leave the house, so they aren’t constantly bombarded with energy.

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are highly sensitive.  When we recognize that ASD also involves energy issues, we can help these children feel more balanced and secure. Parents can actively participate in helping balance their children, thus strengthening the bond between them.  When we incorporate energy work into the treatment of ASD, we’re one step closer to putting the puzzle of healing together for these children and their families.

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