How Spirits Help Us Heal

I often leave the door open for family members to connect with their loved ones in healing sessions.  They usually show up early during the sessions.  I generally see them to the lower left or right side of the client I am working on.  Their reasons for attending the sessions vary.  Sometimes, they want to help with the grief process, or they may just want to say, “Hello.” But most times, there is some outstanding conflict that needs to be resolved for both the living person on the Earth plane (my client), and the passed-on family member visiting in spirit form.

When spirits attend the healing sessions of the living, the effects can be profound.  Often, we physically manifest disease because of emotional and spiritual issues.  If these issues involve a passed-on family member, then that person can help aid in the healing process of both the living person and perhaps his/her own soul on the other side.

My first experience with this type of healing was through a friend of mine.  He asked me to do a distance healing on one of his family members. For the story’s sake, we will call the family member, Tom.  I asked for his approval to have me send distance healing to him. Tom gave me his approval and I went to my office and started his remote session.

His energy was heavy and gray with depression.  I felt his tremendous sadness that he carried with him always like a heavy yoke around his neck.  He had a deeply-rooted emotional issue with alcohol and refused to discuss it with anyone.  When I sent the energy and scanned his chakras, I connected with images from his childhood which involved his physically abusive father.  The images disturbed me and as I wondered how someone could hurt their own child, I noticed a man that appeared next to me.  He had a medium build and gray hair cut close to his face.  He said he had passed of a heart attack and identified himself as the father of Tom.

At the time of the healing session, I was unaware of whether Tom’s father was living or physically deceased. Before I could ask any questions, he told me that his own father (Tom’s paternal grandfather) had beat him on a regular basis for no apparent reason.  Tom’s father noted that when he struck Tom, he saw the face of his own father rather than that of his son.  As his son aged, Toms’ father realized he was abusing his own child and then removed himself emotionally from any sort of relationship with his son.  He felt that if he removed himself, he would be able to restrain his anger.  Tom’s father said that he had mental illness in his life but did not know it.  He wanted Tom to know that it was not that he did not love his son, but rather he was incapable of loving him.

I took notes of everything Tom’s father said and all the information that came up during the distance healing session.  I gave my friend a note with all the information and he took it to Tom.  The note brought Tom to tears.  He told my friend, “It’s all true,”.  He said that the only people that knew of the abuse were his father and mother.  He admitted that his drinking problem was rooted in his childhood abuse.  He drank to drown the pain from the emotional wounds that scarred him.  Tom was relieved to know that his father didn’t hate him.  He always wondered why his father abused him and then rejected him.  Having his father come through in the session seemed to bring through a great amount of healing for Tom.

A couple of weeks after our session, Tom’s organs went into acute toxic failure from his years of alcohol abuse.  I sent him another healing session.  This time I knew Tom was getting ready to pass over.  I remember I apologized that I could not help him heal.
“You have helped me heal,” he said.  “Not all healing is physical.  I won’t take these scars with me into the afterlife and I can leave in peace.”  His words struck me in a compassionate and enlightening way and I thank him for sharing them with me.

Tom passed to the other side two days later.  His experience helped me to understand how spirits on the other side can help us heal on Earth.  There is so much for us to learn and we always have help with all of our lessons.  It is never too late for us to forgive, heal, love, and transform.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    can you try and help heal me? my stomach has been horrible for more than a month now and doctors do not know what is wrong. i am trying everything. i believe you can. <3

  2. Greetings,

    I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose medical conditions. But I do hold the belief that all physical manifestations of disease are rooted in a spiritual or emotional cause that needs to be addressed. Look within yourself.

    Love and light,