Human Guides on The Earth Plane


I have written a few articles on spirits guides.  There is a general one about spirits guides and there is an exercise about how to meet spirit guides.  Most recently, I wrote an article about types of spirit guides. Sometimes we have guides in our lives in physical form on Earth, but we may not realize it until after they’re gone.

People float in and out of lives like the ebb and rise of the ocean tide. Some people are with us for a short time and others are with us for longer periods.  Right after completing my undergraduate studies, I eagerly accepted a job with a telecom company.  Within three months of taking the position, the company merged with a larger one.  As the companies integrated, I met the new employees.  The program I managed fell under the category of agent sales.  The agent sales division of the new company was managed by a bit of a rough neck, named John Budney.  He was a medium-build man with brown hair and somewhat normal features–nothing too distinct.  My first impression of John was that he could have used a bit of polish.  He was gruff, loud, and quite a jester who discovered great satisfaction and amusement in his loud belches.  I had never met anyone like John but I learned a great deal from him.  He worked well with people.  John presented his stories with a type of skilled showmanship and everyone always laughed at the funny things he said.  He possessed an innate sense of charisma that drew people to him like hummingbirds to sweet nectar.

Within the year he became my direct manager.  He grew on me like the soft green moss carpeting a forest floor.  It was a good fit because he could work with everyone and I was learning how to manage different personalities in the workplace. Behind his warm brown eyes and jocular disposition was a deep wisdom.  He understood people and really cared about them.  One day we were at lunch and I asked him about his secret to success in working well with others.  He said, “I’m John Budney.  What you see is what you get–no frills here. You can’t accept others until you know and accept yourself, kid.”  People were attracted to him because he was real down-to-Earth.  He had mastered that skill as well as the art of friendship.

Seven years after I met John, he was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer. He died within a year of his diagnosis.  John’s untimely passing struck me like a freight train because I had not only lost a colleague but a dear friend and mentor.  I waited tearfully for an hour in line during his viewing. People flew in from all over the country to say goodbye–a true testament to his reach of friendship.

Work was never the same after John’s passing and I couldn’t wait to leave.  I felt like I didn’t belong there anymore.  Two years later, the company merged and I was laid off.  I started writing my first mediumship book and began conducting psychic healing sessions full-time.  I still see John sometimes, when he guides me through new experiences.  I truly believe I was in telecom because I needed to meet him in my life.  While working with him, I learned to love and accept myself–a true comfort in my own skin. He helped me let go of fear and accept myself as a medium.

When we meet new people, we never know if they’ll be in our lives long-term.  But if we trust and have faith that God has put the right people in our paths to help us along our journeys, we can be assured that we’ll always have assistance.  We sail in a sea of light with guides on the Earth plane and guides in spirit form.

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  1. Welcoming and accepting those we cross paths with, even if they don't seem to 'fit' our design, though at times difficult, is such a blessing.

    They may hold only a small key for us, but it might be the one to open the largest door.

  2. Thank you for your insightful comment, Dean. I completely agree with you. We never know why people come into our lives, but often there are lessons to learn and experiences to engage in, which will help our souls evolve.
    Love and light,