Intuition and Our Connection To Others

We’re all born with intuition and what we do with it, depends on us.  I’m sure you’ve heard the term “mother’s intuition” used to describe the deep connection between a mother and child.  Often, mothers convey an innate connection with children that transcends geographical boundaries.  A child can be attending college in one state and the mother might reside in a different state.  The child may become ill and the mother may have a keen sense of knowing of the child’s illness without getting a phone call about it.  A mother may also physically feel the illness of the child.

But intuition is not just relegated to the relationship between mothers and children.  In can be a relationship between fathers and children, siblings, close relatives, and close friends.  Regardless of the parties involved, we share intuitive connections with many people in our lives.

My youngest brother, Kyle, has always been one of my favorite people.  He helped me accept my role in life as a medium.  When I shared my fears with him about mediumship and the perception in the world, he provided insight beyond his years; he’s quite an old soul.  This past year, he was diagnosed with an advanced form of testicular cancer at the age of twenty-six.  We worked together through many healing sessions and identified the root cause of his disease.  Though he knew the cause, he still needed to go through chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells.  He went to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan for his treatments.  He would stay up there for a week and get treatment for five days straight–three hours each day.

I remember I was at the gym, running on a treadmill, while my brother began his second round of chemotherapy.  I felt intense nausea.  I had to stop running and I texted him.
“Are you alright?” I asked in a message.
“I’m so sick, send me energy,” he said.  I did not understand why I had the extreme nausea and I felt incredibly weak, like someone has sucked out all the energy in my body.  A few minutes later I got another text message from Kyle.
“The nausea’s horrible and I feel like I’m dying,” he said.  At that moment I realized the physical sensations I felt were from my brother.  I sent him a text message saying that part of him was dying–the cancer part.

The Hope Lodge in New York City, which is run by the American Cancer Society, provided him with lodging for two of his treatments.  I was in New York City doing an interview for CafeMom during brother’s third round of chemo.  After I finished working, my husband and I met up with a friend.  Then we took a cab up town to the Hope Lodge.  Kyle was just returning from him treatment.  He looked weak, colorless, and exhausted.  He asked me to do a healing session on him.  We stepped into the meditation room and as I glanced to my left, I saw my passed-on maternal grandfather, Pops, in the room.  I told Kyle and he was not surprised.  He said he felt Pops around him all day.  He was asking my grandfather to keep him from dying.  We only did a few minutes of healing because he needed rest.

As I left him that day, I worried that he might “check out” and give up.  I kept sending him help and energy.  I felt his nausea on the ride home, though I tried to bubble myself up and block it out.  But I did not cut the cordthe way I should have.  We shared an intuitive/psychic connection and I needed to cut the cord each day to block out the emotions and physical imprints between us.

By his fourth round of chemo, I remembered to cut the cord on a daily basis.  This allowed me to block out any impressions and imprints from his cancer and it also gave me the opportunity to send him healing without my attachments to him.

I am happy to report that at this time, Kyle is cancer free and quite healthy. He’s a master healer in his own right and a psychic, though he likes to keep that on the “down-low.”  I’m grateful to God for the lessons I learned through that experience and I am happy to share those lessons with all of you.

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