Is Everyone A Medium?

This interesting question has a contradictory answer of  “yes” and “no.”  Everyone has the capability to communicate with their passed-on loved ones and friends.  It is a matter of opening to the energy and connecting.  But, not everyone will be open enough to communicate with all energies, including those of complete strangers.  In my experience, mediums are on the Earth to help people open to the experience of communication with spirit.  This type of communication requires a connection to the Divine, as well as to the physically deceased. Without a connection to God–regardless of religion, one cannot send or receive information.  God is the airway through which the communication waves pass. Communication with spirit is a God-given ability for everyone and we just need to fine-tune the figurative radio station to connect.

Can anyone act as a medium for their deceased family and friends?  “Yes,” everyone has this potential.  Will everyone open to perceive all the energy around them?  Each person needs to answer this question for himself?  Are you ready to take the journey to communication with spirit?  If you are, you have come to the right place.  Let the journey begin.

Love and light,


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