Is Everyone Psychic

Is Everyone Psychic

On May 8th, 2013, my publisher,  Llewellyn Worldwide, released my new book, Discovering the Medium Within: Techniques and Stories From A Professional Psychic MediumThe book takes readers on the journey of how I learned to manage my psychic and mediumship abilities and how others opened to their own abilities along the way.  I hold the belief that we all have psychic abilities, we just need to know how to recognize and utilize them; this is my main reason for writing the book. 

For the promotion of the book, I’ve been attending many book signing events. Most of these events entail discussion of the book, as well as a question and answer portion.  I also like to run a psychic development exercise, if the attendees are up for the participation. This helps demonstrate the fact that we all have psychic abilities.

We pick one of the exercises from the Mediumship Methods section of the book.  Then I pair the attendees off with a partner (one who they don’t know).  Everyone likes the standing back to back exercise to see what energy and information they pick up from their partners.  Each person perceives the information in which ever psychic sense is strongest.  Some people are highly clairsentient and can feel the energy of the partner. Others may be open clairvoyantly  and will see images and situations.  Some people may perceive information through a few different psychic senses, if they are developed.  We switch partners and then the person that perceived the information shares her findings with her partner.

The attendees are amazed at their abilities that they might have dismissed in the past.  Plus they enjoy doing the hands-on work of an exercise from the book.  I like seeing them acknowledge and accept their abilities in the process.  The seed is planted and it is up to them to nurture and grow in their abilities.

Our psychic abilities are an innate part of our spiritual birthright.  They’re divine abilities meant to help enhance life here on Earth.  In my opinion, the closer we are to the vibrations of light and love, the deeper our divine connection and our understanding of our psychic abilities.  Everyone is psychic.  Some people may have stronger abilities than other people.  But at the end of the day, we are all the same and those abilities are there within us waiting to be utilized.

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