Jobs On The Other Side

People on the Earth plane often wonder why they cannot always summon their passed-on loved ones at will.  There are a couple of things to consider.  First, we live in a vast universe and our thoughts have to travel a great distance to get to the spirit realm.  Secondly, sometimes our loved ones are busy.  Believe it or not, physical death is a continuation of the life process.  The soul leaves the material body behind and moves into the spirit realm.  There, it will be assigned a “job” and continue the learning and evolutionary process.

Often when we think of our passed on loved-ones, we imagine them in some sort of heavenly bliss filled enchanting music of harps and beautiful settings. These images are projections of our physical world.  Once we leave our bodies, there is no need to see things with our eyes  or hear things with our ears.  The soul can perceive all information without the physical body.  Actually, once they are acclimated, the souls of our loved ones can attend schools of higher learning.  They’re also assigned tasks and jobs.  Some souls work with guides while others may work on the Earth plane and still others may work on the other side.  Often the job on the other side is connected to an experience, or even the occupation that someone held of Earth.

My cousin Gail died at 41 of breast cancer.  She left behind three young children on Earth.  On the other side, she helps the souls of mothers who have to leave their children on Earth.  When mothers have to cross over, they can be tied deeply to their children and are reluctant to pass.  Even after they pass, they struggle with leaving their children on Earth.  Gail and others like her help ease this process for those souls.

My maternal grandmother AKA “Nanny” worked for years as an activity director in a nursing home.  She possessed a deep patience and compassion when working with the elderly, particularly those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.   She works with the spirit guides of dementia patients on the Earth.  She helps their guides cross these souls.  Dementia-afflicted people can become sort of trapped in their bodies. There’s a disjuncture between the soul and body.  Although they are told to pass-on, they sometimes become disoriented and stay in a vegetative state rather than leaving their bodies behind.

My friend Cecelia’s daughter, Laura, passed in a sudden car accident.  Several years after Laura’s passing, another friend, Pam, asked me to reach out to her brother.  He had passed in a recent car accident.  As I began communicating with Pam’s brother, Cecelia’s daughter popped in with a host of information for Cecelia.  When I asked her how she knew Pam’s brother, she explained that she helped him cross over.  She further explained that she aided in the crossing of several accident victims and it was her “job” to do so.

We can always send our thoughts to our loved ones, especially when we need their assistance.  They know when we think of them but we must try to remain patient in awaiting a response, or symbol from them.  We don’t always know what God has them working on.  But we do know that they are eternally connected to us and will come to our aid soon.

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3 Comments to “Jobs On The Other Side”

  1. Sheri says:

    My grandmother passed away on her birthday recently. My son constantly talks to her and receive her messages. Our “Mama” hasn’t crossed over yet. She is very particular about her funeral. Her daughter, my mother, is the Power of Attorney on the funeral. Mama is upset with mom because she is not respecting her wishes in regards to her funeral. Of course, my mom doesn’t believe any of this and she thinks that me and my son are crazy because we talk to our “Mama” and to stop wasting our time. We told “Mama” to get through to her daughter so we can try to honor her wishes.

  2. Jill says:

    I must tell you your writing brings me to tears. For you see, I lost my mother when I was 13. I was extremely little and looked and acted more like a 9 year old at that age so perhaps that was why I am so open to these kinds of things. I cried when I read that a sign of a love one passing could be a butterfly because as I watched my mom pass, a beautiful monarch butterfly flew by the window. Butterflies like that are not common where I live so that image brought so much peace to me. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you. I hope that in someway my family can become more spiritual in this sense.

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