Listening to Your Soul


Our  souls communicate to us through a variety of ways, though we may not always recognize it. The soul uses our physical body to manifest illness and call our attention to something we aren’t acknowledging on a deeper level. It also use intuition, a sense of cognitive knowing to help us along our soul journey. Our soul is always there to support our physical, emotional, and mental bodies in this life; we just need to listen.

Everyone has a certain birth blueprint–the path that each soul has incarnated on Earth to experience. Often, when we do healings, we’ll clear the Soul Star chakra or 8th chakra to acknowledge the soul purpose. This links the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to the life path (if it is not already connected). Sometimes people come to the office and have that connection blocked either because the mental body feels the soul’s path is too difficult to fulfill, or perhaps there has been trauma in the physical, mental, or emotional bodies that has gotten in the way of the connection. Once this connection is cleared, the soul is once again able to connect and all is aligned with the Divine light.

When any of the four bodies are not in line with one of the other bodies, there is a manifestation of dis-ease or illness. Sometimes this is done in a physical way and someone will become physically ill. It can also manifest in the form of emotional illness or even as mental illness. Since these are dis-eases we have manifested in this lifetime, we also have the ability to heal them; this is where the soul comes into play.

The soul helps us heal through this process. It is the link between the bodies. As we manifest physical illness, such as cancer, the soul is calling our attention to a deeply rooted resentment that we need to let go of. Manifestation of illness is a chance for us to grow by releasing energy and imprints, which no longer serve us. When we acknowledge and release the imprints, we heal ourselves.

Intuitively, the soul sends us messages to keep us on our life path. The issue here is that if we have projections from our life experience and fears, what we receive intuitively will be filtered through the fears and thus our message is convoluted. When we clear our projections, we’re able to clearly receive information and move forward with it. For example, you may be called to read a certain book. When you’re in the bookstore, something tells you to buy the book and you just know you should read it. Once you have, you find the book helped you grow. Your soul intuitively led you to the information. If we just listen, our souls will lead us to all the tools and people we need to encounter. Everyone has the ability to heal all aspects of their lives with the soul as the voice coaching us through the process. Shhhh…. listen to your soul!

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