Meeting Your Guides

As I mentioned in an earlier post, all humans on the Earth plane have spirit guides.  These entities accompany us through our life journey and help us along the way.  Often, people want to know and understand their guides.  The following exercise is meant to help facilitate this process.

1.  Sit comfortably in a chair.  Close your eyes and  take a few deep, calming breaths.  Relax your thoughts.  Just let them flow and in and out of your mind.  Don’t pay attention to them or follow them.

2.  Using your mind’s eye, imagine a big blue bubble encompassing you safely.  Picture yourself in the blue bubble of protection.  Feel the warmth and comfort of the energy in the bubble.

3.  Imagine a long red cord from your root chakra (just below the pubic bone) to the center of the Earth.  Feel all of your energy being puled to the center of the Earth.   Notice the sense of comfort and stability as you connect.  Once you feel this deep connection, imagine the cord releasing from your root chakra and falling to the center of the Earth.

4.  Focus once again on relaxing the mind and body.  Breathe in to the count of three and out to the count of three.  Feel every cell of your body relaxing with each exhale.  Sit for a moment and enjoy this peaceful state you have created for yourself.

5.  Now that you are totally relaxed yet in an alert state, focus on your third eye.  Pay attention to any colors or images that you may see.  Do not be discouraged if you don’t see any spirits.  Not everyone will see spirits. It really depends on how open your third eye is at the time.   It is just as valid to feel and hear the information connected to your guides. Ask your guides to come forward in the name of almighty God.

6.  Once you sense that your guides are present, ask a question.  You can ask them any one of the following:
– What is your name?
– Can you come into focus, so I can see you?
– How are you connected to me?
– Is there a specific purpose for which you are providing guidance?

You may hear a response in your thoughts, or you may see images in your third eye that answer your question.  You will receive information in whichever  one of your extrasensory faculties is most attuned.

*Try asking only one or two questions at first and work on sending and receiving information between your guides.

7.  You may also want to ask how many guides are with you at this point in your life.

Once you have established initial contact with your guides, try to set a time monthly or even weekly to connect with them.  This time can be beneficial not only for connecting with your guides but also for connecting with your soul.

8.  Thank your guides for all the work they do and for communicating with you.

9.  Once again imagine the red cord from your root chakra connecting to the center of the Earth.  Feel your energy pull down from your head, through your feet and to the Earth’s core.  Enjoy this solid connection and know that you are rooted in the Earth.

10.  Imagine your bubble rising above you and up to the heavens.  Thank the universe for the experience.

Please feel free to post any questions that you may have.

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