Mirror Twin

images-5There are many members of our soul group who reflect things in us with their opposite traits and characteristics.  For example, a highly confident soul group member may reflect our insecurities and bring them to the surface for us.  It we truly believe everything that happens in the Universe is for our highest good, then everything we encounter is done with love even things that challenge us.  It is all meant to help us grow in love and evolve into the highest version our ourselves.

As we evolve and merge into our higher selves by living predominately in the vibration of love, we will draw to us our mirror twin—the true other half of our soul. We often hear people refer to their spouse or significant other as “their other half” but the mirror twin is a true “other half” of your soul.  Before we incarnate on Earth, the soul is split because as a split, the twins individually accomplish the greatest amount of good in a short time because the vibrations of their souls is high.  This is more than they could do if they incarnated together in the same body. Despite traumatic experiences in human life, they are able to overcome, persevere, and keep moving forward.  This sense of resilience is innate to the twin dynamic because they know they have a higher calling and it drives them forward.

When twins first meet, there is an activation of the energy between them—a sort of knowing and a feeling of being drawn to the other person. There is always one twin that is more evolved and aware than the other. The more evolved twin recognizes the energy is different but the less aware twin may just feel sense of attraction to the other.  Many people romanticize and sexualize the twin relationship.  This is actually a misconception on several levels.  First, when twins meet, the sacral chakra is activated intensely because the twins are brought together to co-create a mission that will serve humanity and help elevate human consciousness.  What seems sexual is actually the sacral chakra being kicked into high gear, so they can start creating their mission.  Secondly, when twins meet it isn’t blissful and romantic.  There is much work to be done between them to bring their vibrations into balance. There is a dance of coming together and running away that takes place, as the twins reflect in each other anything other than the highest vibration of love.  All projections, issues, and imprints from human life need to be cleared.  As these things come up, the twins will run from each other, to heal their own issues and then they come back to each other more clear, loving, and evolved. There is a deep love between them but it is not romantic, it is Divine love and the more that is cleared between them, the deeper the connection and stronger the bond.

Some twins resolve the runner dynamic by facing each other and realizing that they’re not running away from each other but rather they’re running from themselves and their Divine connection.  They also realize that running hurts because they miss the twin connection, when they’re apart.  They acknowledge that love is the only thing that will help heal and they can do more together than apart.  As they resolve the runner dynamic, they become great unconditional friends and are able to share all thoughts and experiences with the deepest level of trust. They understand that the other half is there to make them a better person and help them in this life and they’re always connected in that way.

When all imperfections and imprints have been cleared, the male and female energies have been balanced, and both twins are merged with the higher self, they come to union in unconditional love and are able to able to serve humanity for the greater good of the Universe.  This is the why they have incarnated on Earth.  They drive forward in life together living in the vibration of love, as the highest version of themselves helping others and raising the collective vibration of the planet at the same time.  This is the beautiful vision of the Divine for the mirror twins and how they can help heal this planet.

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