Miscarriage – The Soul of An Unborn Child

In an earlier post, we discussed the loss of a child.  A miscarriage is a different sort of loss. On a physical level, it is the loss of an unborn baby.  Parents deal with many of the same emotions of grief as that of any other loss involving a child.  I have endured this loss a few times in this lifetime and it can cause a host of emotions to surge such as grief, guilt, and even failure.

Mothers in particular often wonder what happens to the soul of that unborn child.  In my experience through mediumship, I have learned that the soul of an unborn child returns to the place of origination.  On a spiritual level, a miscarriage is the soul of the child saying, “It is not the right time.”  It does not mean that the right time will never come to fruition.  That soul may choose to come back to the same parents at a later time or it may incarnate to a different set of parents. Many women carry healthy babies to full term after miscarriages.

Miscarriage can torment our hearts and emotions, but if we understand that the soul of the unborn child resides with God until it is ready to return to the Earth, we can find peace in its decision.  Perhaps over time, we will also find clarity and understanding in that soul’s choice.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    dear anysia, i had a miscarriage in 09, a missed miscarriage in '10, and i delivered a stillborn daughter 2 months ago at 17 weeks gestation, but her death was discovered at 21 weeks during an ultrasound. i had her genetically tested, and she was fine, but i had an infection in my placenta. i had 2 healthy children before this, a daughter in 95 and a son in 08.

    i don't understand why this has happened to me 3 times in a row, after 2 healthy children, and as hard as it is to believe, the losses seem to be unrelated. the dr has found no physical reason for this to be happening. can you help me to understand why God is allowing this and help me to find peace with it? thank you so much. much love to you and yours.

  2. I am so sorry for your losses. Your deep sadness comes through in your words.I know what you are experiencing, as your situation is much like mine. I had a miscarriage before my son and then two back to back before I became pregnant with my daughter a year later. Sometimes there is work to be done before that soul comes through to us and every miscarriage situation is different. In my case, I began doing yoga and practicing meditation. I also cleared some blocks in my energy through Reiki.

    No matter what, as a mother, you have experienced these losses and there is sadness, grief, and emotional healing that needs to take place within you. I would recommend meditation as a good starting point. I know it feels like God has singled you out but God is with you and when the time is right that little soul will be born to you. Hugs to you as you heal yourself through this loss and know that you are not alone. There are many souls around you helping you heal through this process.

    Love and light,


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Anysia, My husband and i tried to have children for 14 years before we adopted two babies in 2000, i had an erupted ectopic pregnancy in 1993 followed by 3 miscarriges after 4 attempts of i.v.f, i often have dream visits from people i know that have passed over the latest one being a very good neighbour of ours who died 3 weeks ago, he visited me briefly and told me he was fine, he was very bad at walking having had a false leg for years and also being 81 when he passed but he was walking very quickly and looked so well but what i wanted to ask you is out of all the people i have had visits from it has never been any of the babies that i lost, i saw a medium about 2 years after the ectopic and she told me i had lost a little girl and that she was with my grandmother, so what could be the reason that i only ever have visits from older people and never the young? Hope you can help. sandra x

  4. Hello Sandra,

    It is wonderful that you are open to dream visits from passed-on loved ones and friends. As you know from the above blog post, I too have experience with miscarriages. I am very sorry for your losses as I know they can bring a great deal of emotional pain.

    My view of miscarriage is a little different from some other mediums. I base my view on experience as a mother of miscarried souls as well as a medium. Miscarriage is a soul saying that it is not the right time to come through. That soul may come through to the same family at a later date, or it may come to a different family.

    A soul is a soul regardless of the body it has in a physical life. So if a baby dies here on Earth, the soul will come through as a child form because that is the way that a parent would recognize it. But in the spirit world, that soul is not a baby. It is a pure loving energetic soul. Our miscarriages are not babies but rather souls on the other side that have yet to incarnate in a physical body. Perhaps you have had a visit and you did not recognize it because you were looking for a visit from a young child. The souls are still around you in spirit form.

    I hope you have healed through these experiences and I know you are enjoying your experience as a mother in this life. I hope this explanation is helpful. If you have other questions about it, please let me know.

    Love and light to you always,


    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Anysia, Thank you so much for the reply, and helping me understand the question that i asked you. I love being a mother,being able to adopt my 2 children helped me through a very difficult time in my life, my husbands life too. There is just one more question i would like to ask you and that is when we pass over, will we be reunited with the children we lost even though i didn't actually give birth? Thanks in advance. sandra x

  5. Hi Sandra,
    I cannot confirm that we will meet those children that we lost. As a mother of miscarried children I certainly hope we will meet those spirits. But I know from experience, we meet the we wish to encounter on the other side when we pass-on. This fact has often been demonstrated by people passing of terminal illness. Often in their final days, they call out to family member that have passed and sometimes communicate with them. This has been witnessed by many living loved-ones on the Earth plane. There are always passed-on souls waiting to cross us and unite us with our loved ones.

    Love and light to you always,


  6. Anonymous says:

    hello anysia this is michael again, i posted before under spirit signs about the bird i was able to touch on the cheek as a sign from my beautiful tammie. well i have a story of childern and miscarriges. while i was with tammie, she carried twins for us twice, once miscarried and the second time she had to terminate because of the kidney failure she had and could no longer have children. years later we split for other reasons but the next woman i met and married was older than i and was determined not to have anymore children and i accepted that, however, fate would have it that she became pregnant with…..twins…. they are fraternal, one boy and one girl..and are now 17. i have been married to their mother for 21 years and love her with my whole heart but something was different with tammie and the way we felt about each other. i am convinced that these 2 souls knew the time wasn't right with tammie, but with their mom it was. they were following me for years. twins don't run in any of our families yet everytime my significant other was pregnant it was twins. its too coincedental, what are your thoughts ?? thank you again in advance and i do love your blog very much, its a daily read and i look forward to every new post.
    love and light to you as well..

    • Hello Michael,

      Thank you for your comment. It is a very strange coincidence that there were twins involved in both relationships. As I noted in the above article, in a miscarriage, it is the soul of the child saying,”The time is not right.” The souls can come back to the same parents or different ones. I am sure you cherish those children and understand that you have a deep soul connection to them; they're very special.

      Thank you for the comments on the blog. I appreciate your kind words.

      Love and light,


  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear Anysia, it is interesting that I found your website. I just happen to be thinking about my miscarriage and the unbon child I lost in 2008. At that time I had mixed feelings about getting pregnant and although I was hurt and saddened that I had a miscarriage, I understood why b/c my relationship with my boyfriend was falling apart. Although it has been a few years since the miscarriage and we are no longer together, I still long for a child of my own. I often feel the presence of a small child around me when I sleep, playing with me and I often wonder if this was my unborn child. I really appreciate your website, it has very helpful information and I really feel much better now knowing that even though my child did not come to term, I was a vessel that allow his or her soul to dwell in for a short period of time.

  8. I am sorry for your loss. Miscarriage is tough for a mother because there is a loss of part of your emotional self along with the loss of the child you carry. It is wonderful that you have a deeper understanding of the spiritual meaning of a miscarriage and you have healed through this experience. I am glad you found the article helpful. Perhaps you were led to it to validate your understanding of the miscarriage experience you had.

    Love and light,


  9. Mikki says:

    Hi, I don't uselly write but…. Ok long story short I do believe I have some abilties. I have had 3 m/c 2 healthy children and recently I had my daughter. She passed away shortly after birth. With my healthy children I KNEW what they would look like before they were born. With Skylar I couldnt not picture her. I had dreams of a dark haired daughter. She was redheaded. I had a dream that my Aunt and Grandmother came and said “it going to be ok”. It didnt make since at the time but it does now. I guess what I am trying to ask are the souls around us? Do the babies know? Did they choose to leave? I have so many unanswered questions and since her death it is scary how my abities are stronger. Another question related but not really… If you come close to death do you ablities become stronger.

  10. I am very sorry, Mikki, for the loss of your child. Sometimes the souls of our loved ones are around us especially as we transition through the grief of their passings. They can also be around us in times of need to support us. But they are in the spirit realm and do visit from time to time.

    I have heard of people having a near-death-experience and then becoming psychically open, but I do not know it to be a prerequisite for psychic awareness.

    Love and light,


  11. Anonymous says:

    Dear Anysia,

    I feel compelled to write and hope you can provide me with some guidance.

    In May, after years of trying to conceive and fertility treatments, I fell pregnant with twins – one implanted in my uterus and the other in my fallopian tube. My tube ruptured and had to be rushed into emergency surgery. A few days later, we saw the heartbeat of the other in my womb and were ecstatic and so hopeful. We had never seen anything so beautiful before. Unfortunately, I miscarried a week later. We recently became pregnant again – from the same ivf cycle and a frozen embryo. We had wonderful scans with strong heartbeats until the one where there was no longer a heartbeat. I just had another miscarriage at 9 weeks. The healing of my heart is yet to really begin.

    Why did this happen again? We so wanted this to work…I don't know how much strength I have left in me and wonder if you can help in some way to find peace. Will I become a mother?

    Thank you in advance.

    • I am very sorry for these experiences of the miscarriages. They can challenge us and cause heartache. I know exactly how you feel because I had two miscarriages in a row before I became pregnant with my second child. It was emotionally draining and I felt broken on so many levels. But I can tell you that I had some emotional issues from my own child/mother relationship that I needed to address and clear. Once I cleared these, I became pregnant with my daughter and delivered a healthy child.

      Perhaps there is something that needs to be resolved on an emotional or spiritual level for you. You might want to meditate about it and see what information your receive. I hope you that you continue to heal your heart in the light.

      Love and light,


  12. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your kind response.
    Can you advise on any particular method for meditation? I would like to open my heart to see if there is a message and information.
    Thank you.

    • Sure. I have a basic meditation on this blog. There is also an advanced one for chakra alignment. Basically, you want to choose a place that makes you feel comfortable and just close your eyes. You want to shut out everything going on around you and go within. If thoughts pop up in your head, don't follow them, just let them float out. Allow yourself to be one with the universe. Try the basic meditation on this blog and see if it helps!
      Love and light,


  13. Lanette says:

    Dear Anysia,
    In May of 2009 I became pregnant with my second child, my first child was 9 at the time. I was so happy, then in July at 18 weeks we found out that our baby had Turners Syndrome and she had only a 2% chance of survival to term, she had fluid in her head and chest and her heart was being crushed by the fluid. We decided it was best not to make her suffer for our own selfish reasons and terminated the pregnancy at 19 weeks. I was heartbroken and it was the hardest decision and experience I have ever been through. I told her I was so sorry and hoped she could forgive me and understand our decision. About six months later after moving into a new apartment I was still having a hard time dealing with her loss and depressed my husband and I started hearing a little girls giggles. Once in my son’s bedroom and a couple other times in our bedroom. The little girl once said “Daddy!” in my husband’s ear. Another time he saw a little girl in the downstairs bathroom with our cats. Could this be our baby girl? Do you think she understands and forgives me? I have been trying to get pregnant again in hopes that she will come back to me with no success. I hope you can give me insight, I know it wasn’t a miscarriage but I felt it was the best decision for her, I didn’t want her to be in pain.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    • anysiakiel says:

      Dear Lanette,

      I am sorry about the way the pregnancy ended and I am sure it was filled with mixed emotions for you. It is possible that the energy could be that of the child you lost or it could be another energy popping in and visiting you. Only time will tell. In order for you to invite another soul to come back to you, it is important for you to let go of any grief or guilt you may be carrying in your energy. The past is in the past and this clears your path for the future and any new experiences with new souls.

      Bright blessings,