Psychic and Medium–What’s The Difference?

psychic and medium

Many people ask me to explain the difference between psychic abilities and mediumship abilities.  Often the two are lumped into the same category of the occult.  There are differences between the two and they involve the development of the abilities, as well as discerning and communicating with spirits.

Sometimes when people hear the word psychic, it connotes images of someone gazing into a crystal ball predicting the future.  A psychic is someone who can perceive energy beyond the physical senses—utilizing extrasensory perception.  Although precognition is one aspect of psychic ability, in which someone knows something before it happens, it is often the main ability that people associate with psychic awareness.  There are many other psychic abilities.  Psychics utilize any one or all of the following senses:

Clairvoyance – “clear seeing” – People who are clairvoyant can receive mental images of people, places, or situations using their third eyes located in the center of the forehead rather than their physical eyes.

Clairaudience – “clear hearing” –Those with this ability can receive information without the use of physical ears.  This is also referred to as mental telepathy, which is the communication of information through thoughts.

Clairsentience – “clear feeling” – People with this ability can perceive information and psychic impressions through feelings.  They can feel emotions, as well as environmental factors such as heat, cold, though none of those things may be physically present. They are also known as empaths.

Clairscent – “clear smelling”- Those who are open to this ability can smell scents that are not physically present .

Clairgustance – “clear tasting” – People can taste substances without putting anything into their mouths.

Clairtangency – “clear touching” – Those with this ability can hold an object and pick up on the energetic impressions attached to it.  This is also know as psychometry.

Mediumship takes psychic ability a step further.  All mediums are psychic and have the additional abilities of sensing, discerning, and communicating with spirit energy. Some mediums are born with abilities rendering them able to communicate with spirits since they were young children, as has been the case for my children and me.  Other mediums may have developed their abilities over time.

Not all mediums use the same senses because not everyone has developed all psychic senses.  For me, mediumship is very natural.  I don’t enter an altered state to communicate with spirits and I receive information through all of my psychic senses.

Psychic and mediumship abilities are innate components of our spiritual birth right.  Though not all people fully develop their abilities to discern and communicate with all spirits, everyone has the potential to communicate with their own loved ones in spirit through thought, signs, symbols, or dream visits. When we engage our psychic and mediumship abilities, we learn that life  is much more than what we physically perceive and we cross the bridge between the Earth plane  and spirit world.

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