Raising Our Frequencies to Love

Energy is everywhere; it’s in us and all around us. All energy vibrates or moves at a frequency. As we raise our vibrations by healing and clearing things that no longer serve us, we increase the energetic capacity of our fields.  We also become more aware of the energy in our own fields and the energy around us.  The higher our frequencies shift, the more energy we can perceive and the greater we can utilize our psychic tools.  Being psychic means we are able to perceive things beyond the physical senses.  Some souls come to the earth emitting high frequencies, thus their abilities are activated at a very young age.  Other people develop their abilities over time. One thing is certain, the higher your frequency, the more energy you can ascertain beyond your physical senses.

For those of you who have read my first book, Discovering the Medium Within, you know that I was born able to see and sense spirits and energy from the time I was a young baby.  If you have had a chance to read my new book, Discovering the Healer Within, you know that both my children, Brayden and Briella were also both born with their abilities activated and very aware of how to use them in this life.  Often, when children are old souls, they come here with advanced abilities and high vibrations because they are part of the change on this Earth. They will be demonstrative in helping people clear energy, elevate consciousness, working with the energetic grids on the Earth, and helping both the planet and its inhabitants evolve.

So we each vibrate at a particular frequency.  Our fields are like giant invisible bubbles that have magnetism. Our energetic fields attract two things: those in who vibrate in our frequency and those who carry some of the same traits, lessons, and Karma according to our soul agreements needed to help us grow.  People who vibrate at the same frequency will naturally flow into our lives and when they do, we will feel it as an alignment or a fit.  People who come across our paths for growth carry identifying ideas and experiences in their fields that match the ones in our fields that we need to clear and release.

For example, a person may have been raised in an emotionally deprived environment without parents exhibiting any loving expressions. The lesson in that experience may have been for that person to understand that he was always a source of self love in his life and he never really needed the love expressions from his parents.  Often, what we experience in life is meant to teach us the opposite of what our human ego tells us.  But if he did not understand that he was supposed to look at that experience and do the opposite of what he was shown, then he may have absorbed that experience in his field and stored it there as an imprint. He may have believed that he was unworthy of love or that love was a bad thing in this life. These things can be stored anywhere in his energy.  They may be in the heart chakra, the sacral chakra, the emotional layer of the aura, the thought forms, and the mental layer.  But as they are in those areas, the imprints are attracting people and experiences to help him understand the lessons and grow.

He will draw people and experiences to him that teach him about loving expressions and perhaps how to love.  He may reject many of the people that come into his path with these lessons because the experiences they show him are so different from his experience in life.  So he will keep attracting people to teach him those lessons, until he is ready to face the experiences and grow from them.  This is why we find ourselves running into people with the same personality traits.  They are being drawn into our lives to teach us something, until we accept the lessons.  Our fields carry markers in them for certain experiences kind of like small magnets and they attract exactly what we need to learn and clear it from our fields.  It is in line with Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Once we accept the lesson, we are ready to release and clear it from our fields.  We no longer need the little magnet that was imprinted there, so we release it and we shift our vibrations higher.  The more imprints we clear, the more we raise the frequency of our  fields and move away from what we don’t need and move toward other experiences to help us grow.  This concept is in line with the Law of Conservation of Energy, stating that energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only be changed from one form or another.  When we clear things and heal, we are changed.  Our form does not change completely as it does in the physical death state transitioning from physical for to spirit form.  But our fields shift completely and we are energetically different.  This process continues throughout our lives until our fields consist of nothing other than the highest vibration of love.  When we realize that all experiences are for our highest good, even those that cause us human sadness and when we can let those experiences go and love everyone involved, then we are moving in the right direction.

Life is a process of learning from everything presented to us, healing, and loving everyone involved including ourselves.  When we do these things we shift our energetic frequencies to the highest rate possible and we allow only love in our fields.  This is the goal and it is very attainable, when you understand the process used to help you reach it.  We are all able to heal ourselves; we just need to wake up and understand what is in the way.*

Much love to all,


     Marcell Kiel, Anysia, Discovering the Healer Within (Woodbury: Llewellyn Worldwide, 2017) 2.


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