Releasing Our Fears And Opening To Our Abilities


People always ask me how they can embrace their psychic abilities.  The main key for unlocking our abilities is releasing our fears associated with the unknown.  When we understand how to regulate the energies around us, we can let go of our fears and open to our abilities.

A a child, when I saw spirits, they frightened me.  I would be in my room and see a complete stranger standing there staring intently at me. I think the way the strangers appeared so suddenly scared me the most.  One moment I was alone in my room and the next there was a person standing there clear as day. As a result, I would always say with my mind, “I don’t want to see you. I don’t want to see you” every time I felt a spirit around me.

When I had my son, I knew he had the same abilities as me because he could see what I saw, felt, and heard at the young age of two.  I remember one day he saw my maternal grandfather in the house.  My son was standing in the dining room and said, “Pops, and pointed to the room’s corner.  I couldn’t see what he was looking at or pointing to because I was in the kitchen looking through a doorway.  When I walked from the kitchen to the dining room, I saw my grandfather standing there for only a few brief seconds and then he was gone.  Pops had died a year earlier, right after my son turned one.  We didn’t have any pictures of Pops in the house, so my son wouldn’t have been hard to easily identify him.  Somehow, my son was able to hear Pop’s name clairaudiently and therefore identify him by his name.

As he grew older, I taught him not to be afraid of spirits that visited him.  I let him know that relatives who showed up, wanted to say, “Hello” and any strangers most likely needed help.  I told him that if he got a fearful or uneasy felling from anyone, he could tell them to, “Go away.” I also taught him to shield his energy before communicating with any spirit.  The concept of shielding, helps block out energy, so that we have access to only the spirits we are trying to communicate with and we are not attracting any extraneous energies.

Learning how to shield our energies can help diffuse some of our fears about opening to our abilities.  Most often fear is a result of lack of knowledge.  Understanding and knowledge of our abilities diffuses fear and helps us engage our abilities.  When we work with our abilities, we can continue our spiritual relationships with our loved ones that have left this Earth.  Only then do we become fully aware that death is only that of the physical body; the soul is eternal.

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2 Comments to “Releasing Our Fears And Opening To Our Abilities”

  1. Jill says:

    You described how you felt scared as a child. I’m 33 years old and still feel that way at night!! Could that actually block me from being able to communicate with spirit? Why can’t they. Just come during the day?

    • anysiakiel says:

      Well, Jill, there aren’t any clocks in the spirit world and if a passed-on loved one is trying to get through to us, they will try to come at night because when we are sleeping or close to sleep, we are generally in a calm relaxed state. We are not as caught up in Earthly issues as we might be during the daytime.

      Love and light,