Releasing the Past to Free Ourselves in the Present


The past can hold you hostage and prisoner to old ideas and experiences. We need to let go of the past, so we can be “free” in the present. It’s not an easy task.  In life, we accumulate energetic imprints from our past that affect our vibration.  These imprints are in our energetic field and when someone triggers them, we may respond negatively to avoid similar experiences.  For example a person may have been in a loving relationship with someone that violated his trust.  As a result, he may have trust issues because he carries the imprints from the experience.  He may push people away to avoid trusting them and perhaps being hurt. In order for him to be in a relationship where the imprints are triggered and he doesn’t project his past into the current relationship, he hast to heal and release those old imprint. We have to do a lot of work on ourselves including missing out on opportunities and relationships, to get through this lesson.  But if those opportunities and relationships are meant to be in our lives, they’ll present themselves again, when the timing is right.

I spent a few days mulling over these ideas before I actually wrote this article.  Setting the past free and letting go of the imprints has been one of my biggest lessons in all aspects of life.  For me, writing has always been a way to take a closer, more introspective look at things.  Writing this article has helped me dissect this process a bit deeper, so I can truly understand it on a soul-level.

Often people come into our lives and we may not always be prepared for these relationships.  Sometimes these people have lessons and experiences to share with us.  We might not be ready to fully process these gifts they present to us, so we throw all types of fears and projections at them, essentially showing them our shadow selves rather than the Divine within us.  We might push them away and sabotage the threads of connection we’ve built. When they’re gone, we have an opportunity to step back from all the emotion and see why it failed.

Many of us wrap ourselves in guilt and grief over these types of situations.  But if we do that, we hold ourselves in that unevolved place, in the shadows vibrating at a low rate.  If we do the work and resolve the roots of our projections and fears, we may be able to repair those relationships down the road.  If those relationships are meant to be part of our lives, they’ll return to us again, in the Divine timing, when all parties are on the same page, vibrating at a similar rate, and the past issues have been cleared.  Forgiveness of oneself is the most important part of this process, when we forgive ourselves for any mistakes, we free our souls and open our souls to forgiveness with others.

In my work, I see so many people who stop their lives once someone close to them dies a physical death.  It’s as if they’re playing a record each day that skips on the same spot and they just can get past missing the physical connection.  But if they heal themselves and release the past, they find their loved ones waiting on the other side for them.  Their loved ones are there to continue a new kind of relationship with them–a spiritual one–based on signs, symbols, and telepathic communication.  In order to get to this point, the person on the Earth plane needs to let go of the past and any fears in order to raise his vibration, so he can engage with his loved one in spirit.

One of the many choices we have in our lives is to live in the past full of fear and regret with words like could have, should have, would have, or we can let go of all of that and accept the past for what it is–a learning tool and the vehicle that got us to the present.  The past belongs in the past and doesn’t belong in the present.  Reflect on it briefly, learn from it, and release it!  When we forgive our souls and others for the past, we free our souls to be fully present.  If we free the past, we can go with the flow in the present and fly through life with love, compassion, and peace.

Bright blessings and much love,



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