Seeing Through The Soul’s Eyes


Often, experiences in life can scar us.  Everyone has something in their childhood that they have had to overcome whether it involved a parent, family member, or a difficult situation.  These profound experiences are meant to help our souls grow.  We have the option of letting them define us and hold us in that place of hurt, or we can dig deep, overcome them, and grow.  When we take a step back and view things from the soul’s eyes, we see that these situations are less personal and more spiritual in nature.  This helps us remove our emotions and attachments, so we can learn the lesson, let go, and evolve.

If we truly believe that all experiences in our lives come from the Divine, which is all loving, then everything in our lives is done through love.  This means that even those experiences, which challenged us were actually rooted in love.  Perhaps we experienced abandonment or rejection from a parent early on in life.  What would that experience teach a child soul?  Would that child soul learn to be strong and independent?  If we pick our parents before we incarnate, what experiences did we choose for ourselves based on those who raised us?

Many of the people in our lives are part of our soul group and we have sacred agreements with them for certain experiences and soul lessons on Earth.  We may have had a very specific teaching role in our immediate family with those who raised us.  We were there to offer a certain experience to them and they did the same for us.  Yet, our role in our current family dynamic as parents to our children may be a very different type of contract.  Although we still have free will to do as we choose in this life, there are certain contracted experiences between souls that should be fulfilled, as part of the learning and soul evolution process.

Perhaps there’s a very challenging sibling in your life who vibrates at a low rate.  Maybe that soul is here to teach you to shine your light brighter.  Maybe that soul has agreed to be lower vibrational in this life, so you could move forward, and understand the importance of being high vibrational.  When the lessons are learned, the contracts are fulfilled, and all souls can move forward.  This takes awareness, compassionate understanding, and complete love between these souls. As our vibrations raise, we’re able to separate our emotions from all we encounter.  Then we can clearly see all things through the soul’s eyes.  In doing so, we open ourselves to see life as the Divine intended it to be– a journey of completely loving experiences.

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