Shifting Our Thoughts: Is An Upgrade Needed?

This article was originally published in The Llewellyn Journal on January 30th, 2017.


Many people are shifting their vibrations in dynamic ways—clearing old imprints, healing, and ascending. Part of this process involves upgrading old thought patterns and beliefs. I’m seeing a consistent trend in clients that involves a need to release outdated third dimensional thought patterns and belief systems that no longer serve them. In doing so, those belief systems are replaced with higher dimensional thought forms better suited for their lives. Our energetic fields are like computer systems: when one of the components becomes outdated, we need to upgrade it so it can align and integrate with all of the other working parts.

The clients in this trend experience similar symptoms of feeling stuck in life, restlessness, insomnia, and an overall sadness for which they can’t identify root causes. They’re doing all the wellness work they can on their own to balance themselves with yoga, exercise, healthy diets, and meditation, but they’re struggling a bit emotionally. This pattern indicates that there is an energetic imprint in the emotional layer of the aura between the physical and mental layers, which needs to be cleared and released.

We’re raised with certain belief systems ingrained in us from our childhood and parental dynamics. These beliefs are not only stored mentally in our brains but also energetically in our auric layers. The aura consists of several layers. The ones engaged in this situation are the physical layer, which is closest to the body, the emotional layer, which is located just beyond the physical, and the mental, located just past the emotional layer. Our current views of our lives are stored in the mental layer of the aura. As we grow, our realities shift and our childhood belief systems need to evolve, as well. For example, a woman may have been raised in a family where all the women married young, had children, and lived happily ever after. Perhaps this woman is in her early thirties, single, career-oriented, and not interested in having children even if she does find a partner at some point in life. The belief system about her concept of women in her family doesn’t match her current reality and so there is energy moving from the brain through the emotional layer to the mental layer, but because there is a disconnect between the brain and mental layer, there is energy stuck between the two in the emotional layer. As a result, she may have manifested an emotional response that is imprinted in the emotional layer of the aura.

If there is a disjuncture between the beliefs stored in the brain and the reality held in the mental layer of the aura, the energy doesn’t flow properly and it gets clogged in the emotional layer of the aura. There can be an emotional imprint of sadness or any other emotion, signifying an issue that needs to be addressed and cleared. The longer the imprint is left unattended, the deeper it sits in the emotional layer causing emotional dis-ease.

What worked for the other women in her family did not work out the same way for her, and that’s ok. When she changes her thoughts and accepts the choices she has made for herself, she clears the emotional imprint by its root and prevents it from resurfacing. Now the energy from her brain freely flows through the emotional layer and mental layers of the aura. In addition, shifting the thoughts to match her reality affirms her true identity and empowers her in a new way. Her solar plexus, the energetic center for personal power, expands and supports this new transformation.
Replacing and upgrading outdated belief systems that no longer serve us allows us to accept who we really are and fully embrace the lives we’ve created for ourselves.

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