Shower of Light

We have discussed ways to protect our own energy.  We covered the tunneling light exercise that can be used to protect your aura as well as the energy in a home or other personal space.  It is important to protect our energy in large crowds and also in places where you might encounter any low vibrations or dark energy.  Besides tunneling light, we can also take a white light shower.  When we shower ourselves in light, we are connecting with God’s light–that which illuminates the universe. As we enter this high vibrational energy, we tap into the deep sense of love and compassion that God has for each one of us.  God’s light envelopes and protects us from any low vibrations.

1. Relax and close your eyes
2. Using your mind, call out to Almighty God and ask for the brilliant light.
3. Envision showers of light (in whatever color you wish) falling gently from above you.
4. Allow this rain of brilliant light to fall and illuminate all aspects of your being.
5. See yourself bathed in the beautiful light.
6. Feel the warmth fill you from the inside out.
7. You are safe and protected in God’s loving light.

You can do this exercise any time you wish.  Feel free to use it when you enter crowded spaces or when you feel like your aura needs a little lift.  God’s light is always available to us.  All we have to do is ask.

Love and light,


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