Signs From Our Pets In The Afterlife

I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries this week about pets, the afterlife, and validation signs.  Of course, as a medium, I believe that pets have souls and can send signs from the afterlife just like humans.  Sometimes we need to hear true stories to remind us that everything is possible including the compassion of our pets in the afterlife.

Our first pet was a crazy chocolate Labrador Retriever named Timber. With a boxy head and amber puppy eyes that dropped when he grew tired, he melted my heart the moment I met him.  His penchant for baked goods included all homemade cakes and cookies and a special fondness for Dunkin Donuts. I think he recognized the box or perhaps the smell.  Whenever someone brought a box of those sugary treats into our home, he stalked them like a shark tracing a chum slick.  He always managed to steal one or two even though it meant he’d be banished to the backyard for an hour or so–a small price to pay for such a rare delicacy to the canine palate.

I wish I could say he was a good boy, but he was actually the  antithesis.  He chewed a kitchen set and many other things in his puppy hood.  He improved slightly as he matured but always managed to do “bad boy” things like stick his head in the kitchen trash can and steal food.  Though he ate all the candy canes and chewed at least four Christmas tree ornaments each year, we loved him for being Timber–our unique dog that would sleep in the tub during thunderstorms.

At the young age of eleven, he developed an aggressive form of facial cancer.  I immediately began looking for natural ways to help him.  I found a holistic veterinarian that treated him with herbs rather than chemotherapy and radiation. At the time, I was studying my Reiki Master level certification.  I gave him everyday and he seemed happy and comfortable, yet his cancer grew.  I continued my quest of alternative therapies for him including aromatherapy, diet changes, and lymphatic massage.  I realized that Timber’s cancer had an important effect on me; it spurred my development as a healer.  I recognized that our relationship was much more than a pet and owner; there was a spiritual connection between us.

The day Timber died, we drove him to the veterinarian, knowing that he wouldn’t be coming home with us. My heart ached, as I called to my deceased maternal grandmother to help him cross.  As he inhaled his last breath, I saw her standing across from me and I knew he was in good hands.  During the tearful drive home from the veterinarian that night, I sent him a mental message to give me a sign when he crossed.  I asked for a blue butterfly. Later that same night, I woke and glanced in the hallway to find him standing there. His coat glistened brilliantly and his tail wagged happily from left to right.  I felt tears on my face but perhaps they were tears of joy knowing he was okay. When I wiped my tears he vanished from my sight.

The following morning, we took our son and other two Labradors to the cranberry bog for our Saturday morning walk.  I missed Timber’s mischievous energy.  Though the brisk morning air bit at our skin as usual and the hawks routinely weaved and out of the trees, the walk felt foreign without my husband, Shane, chasing Timber out of the bog . My eyes watered  when we crossed the bridge over the tea-colored creek.  Timber loved swimming in it and I missed watching him thrashing about in the cedar water.  Just then the most stunning bright blue butterfly fluttered around my face for a few moments, as my husband and I gazed in amazement.  I’ve never seen another blue butterfly. I accepted this as a special gift of validation from Timber and sent him thoughts of gratitude not only for the sign but also for sharing a remarkable part of my life.

The souls of our pets live on in the afterlife.  They’re able to send us signs, symbols, and visit us in dreams just like any other spirit.  They remain connected to us and know when we need.  Like all our loved ones in spirit form, they are only a thought away from us.

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  1. Hi Anysia,

    I realize you are talking about pets, but I want to share my experience of signs from my son. Ricky, my teenage fireball, passed away in a car-wreck New Year's Eve 2010.

    We live in coastal Georgia, where pelicans are common, but after Ricky left us he started putting them in our paths all the time. Everywhere. They approached us closer than they ever had before. We learned later that pelicans have long been considered symbols of parental and maternal solicitude.

    So whereas animals can send us signs from the afterlife, as is the case in your article, they can also be the sign our loved one sends to us to tell us their love lives on.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Elison. I am sorry to hear of your son, Ricky's passing. It is wonderful that he has found a way to communicate with you using pelicans as a symbol and it is also amazing that you are open to receiving these symbols from him. You are correct–these signs let us know that our loved ones live on and their lives are eternal.

    There is another article on here that discusses signs from children that have passed on. It demonstrates some of the points you have mentioned. Love and light to you and your family as you continue to heal.


  3. sandra says:

    I also had a chocolate labrador called toby, we bought him in 1986 just weeks after we were married and we had a wonderful 13 years with him, he was so special we love him so much and miss him every day. Just after he died i had a dream about toby, i was walking through some lovely flowers and came across a cottage with flowers around the door, the door opened and my father in law ( passed away 1995) and toby came out behind him, i called toby to come to me and my father in law stopped him and told me it's not time, i was so sad,i turned to walk away and as i turned to look again my mother in law appeared too(passed away 1996)and she waved to me as i walked away, i cried when i woke up, i wanted to cuddle him so much but they wouldnt let me, a while later i was having another dream, i was lying on my bed and heard a tap at the window and looked towards the window to see toby and a ginger cat,they were both looking at me through the window and then they were gone. I told my husband about my dream, i didn't know this at the time but he used to have a ginger cat called tiger as a child,could this have been real or was it just a dream, i have never seen anything more of my beautiful dog toby,even though i think about him everyday, he's been gone 12 years now, i hope he is at peace.

    • Thank you for sharing those two very special dreams, Sandra. I do think they were dream visits rather than ordinary dreams and perhaps these visits were his way of letting you know he is at peace.

      The main difference between a dream visit and ordinary dream is that when you wake from a dream visit, you feel as though the person or in this case, Toby, was really visiting you. The dream is so vivid and you can remember every detail. You can find out more about dream visits on the dream visit blog post

      Pets are beautiful gifts from God. They teach us about unconditional love and also how to truly love ourselves in the process. Love and light to you always,

  4. Anonymous says:

    My dog Buddy passed away yesterday morning unfortunately. He was my best friend and always will be. He's a beagle and loved food and people. We basically grew up together. I'm 15 almost 16 now. He was only 7 almost 8. I lost him to cancer. Last night while I was trying to sleep I felt a touch on my foot. He loved to lick your toes and lay between your legs. I don't know if I imagined it or not but it felt so real. I could swear I kept seeing shadows passing by in my parents room ( where I slept last night ). Also about an hour later it sounded like something had hit up on the treadmill (next to where I slept) I looked around but nothing fell or was out of place. Could this be a sign that he is still with me?

  5. I am so sorry about your loss of Buddy. He sounds like he was so much more than a pet. It seems like he was a family member and true friend. It is more than likely that Buddy visited you in spirit (the touch on your foot), to let you know he was ok. You will always be connected to Buddy's spirit because you were good friends. It is the same connection you would have to a human loved one that passed. I don't think he is here on the Earth but I think he visited you and will continue to do so because of the connection the two of you shared.

    Love and light as you heal your loss,


    • Anonymous says:

      Thank for your words. They mean a lot. And yes, Buddy was a great friend! The biggest personality!
      Again thank you!

  6. tammy says:

    My Sophie died a couple weeks ago in an auto accident… She was my best friend always there by my side or at my feet in any room I was in. She loved her momma so much and she has been the only one to he there… I went away on vacation and my dad was watching her. She was always free and never on a leash except when we would run… And never went on the road… But this day she went and I think she was looking for me, she was taking the highway were we would run. I think she was looking for me and that's why she went down the road. A year and has never gone on the road with out me. My only exsplanation to why she went on the road. But lastnight as I was laying in bed if felt like she jumped on the bed and the bed was moving ever so slightly like when she tries to cuddle with me… But I wasn't moving for the bed to move… Could she have been visiting me??? Not a day goes by I don't think of her and miss her… She will be coming back to me this week cause I had her cremated… I just can't let the bestfriend in my life go so easy… How do I find out?

  7. I am so sorry about the loss of Sophie. I know it is hard for you because you were not physically present, when she passed. Yes, many people speak of visits from passed-on pets involving seeing, hearing, or feeling them.

    You can also ask her, with your mind to visit you again to validate what you experienced. Perhaps when you get her ashes, you will have some closure with her passing. Please allow yourself to stay open to her visits because she is there to help you heal through your grief. Our pets are so wonderfully compassionate, even when they leave this world. May you continue to heal your heart.

    Love and light,


  8. Ms. Anysia,
    I came across your website yesterday and my instincts overwhelmed my thoughts. I am fascinated with your inspiration and encouragement. As I was grieving on the lost of my k-9 companion Tigger, I've actually spoke to her more (relieving my conscience)since her birthday(July 23) then I did when she passed away (April 19, 2012).Since I have accepted the theory of her spirit being present I still wonder if its my thoughts overwhelmed by emotion. I want to see her and brush her long fury coat then hug her one last time. She is buried around her favorite spot she laid when outside. I visited her grave yesterday since her passing. I have not had any further experiences that usually occur like seeing her briefly then gone in a blink of an eye. Hearing her thumping (scratching/playing) on the back porch or most common was hearing that distinctive Boogie bark. I know it has only been one day but I am use to hearing her a few times during a 24-hr period. I am confused, please help me. Thankyou for your time.

  9. Hello Dawn,
    I am sorry for the loss of your sweet girl, Tigger. Your question is a valid one that comes up often. We always ask ourselves if we are hearing and receiving signs from our passed-on loved ones and pets or are we imaging them or even projecting our emotions into our realities.

    You may actually be hearing her and she may be doing this to help you heal. Animals are completely compassionate and they teach us about unconditional love, so it would not be uncommon for her to visit in spirit form to help you. You will not have the chance to brush her coat again but you can have a spiritual relationship with her. Seeing her in the house is a very special sign because it is a way that she is letting you know she is around. If you still think that what you are experiencing may be a projection of your own emotion, ask her with your mind to send you a very specific sign. Ask her to send something that you would recognize right away such as a favorite toy. She may send you the sign in your house, at some other location, or in a dream visit. For example, let's say that her favorite toy was a green tennis ball. Perhaps you ask her for a sign with the green tennis ball. Maybe you are at a park and a green tennis ball comes out of no where and it right in front of you. Ask her to send you something very specific. It does not have to be an object. It could be a sound but ask for something very particular–this way you will not dismiss it. She is only a thought away from you, so feel free to connect with her in your thoughts.
    Love and light,


  10. Anonymous says:

    I just lost my beloved cat Sassy of 10 years to a tumor yesterday. I miss her so much, and I am so heart broken. I want to know how I will know she has crossed over safely to the other side. Is there some kind of sign or feeling that I will get when it happens? I'm not feeling anything except grief right now. I just want to know that she is alright, and that I still love her very much!- Jessica

  11. Thank you for your comment, Jessica. I am sorry about the passing of Sassy. She has crossed over but maybe your grief it a bit heavy for her to come through to you. It might be helpful for you to read the article called”Exercise-Asking for a dream visit.” This is the easiest way for our loving pets to come through when we are grieving. There is no specific sign or feeling; it differs from person to person. But asking her to visit you in a dream will help validate that she is in the spirit realm.
    Love and light,


  12. i too, lost my fur baby Hudson, last September 2011. He was 2 years old. I have him buried in my backyard. which i love to visit. the first few days were unbearable. even my cat (Rubby, his brother) mourned for him. it was quite sad. the first morning i woke up, i started crying right away. the second morning, i found one of his dog treats, next to me on the bed. i gasped & started smiling. i knew he left it there for me to find. i do believe he stops by for visits, even the cat seems to play around. after awhile, he will come meowing into my bedroom. looking around. confused :)

    • anysiakiel says:

      Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your story about Hudson. It is so hard when our pets leave us physically, but your story is one that verifies our spiritual connection to them.
      Love and light,


  13. snehal says:

    Ms. Anysia,

    I am filled with both grief & guilt at the loss of my pet cat. He was 6 years old. One day I was feeding him chicken with my other two cats when suddenly a chicken bone got stuck in his throat. I was very scared & afraid. Next day out of too much concern I took him to a vet whom I didnt know. it was a very unlucky & bad day, because the Vet was not at all efficeient in removing the bone & instead killed my cat of drug overdosage. My cat passed away of heart attack because of drug overdose. I really feel guilty as my cat wanted to live with me & I took away its right to live by taking him to the wrong Vet during emergency.
    I know I did a very big mistake but I didnt mean to kill my cat & am at a very huge emotional loss. Can I ever know if my cat has forgiven me or not? Also I wanted to know if he is happy where ever he is & if i could get 1 last chance to tell him I AM SORRY!!


    • anysiakiel says:

      Dear Snehal,

      I am very sorry about the tragic passing of your cat. You can try to ask the cat to send you a sign or visit you in a dream state. Both of these exercises are listed on this blog. Also if you keep sending him thoughts using your mind, he will get them. It is all about intention and when we put our intention into our thoughts, it sends them quickly out into the universe.

      Love and light,


  14. Elle says:

    Hello Anysia!
    I lost my baby bird yesterday, and I feel so lost. I know it has only been a day, but I am having such a difficult time grieving and regretting what happened.
    He was terribly sick, and although I felt I did the best I could- I couldn’t save him. He passed in a horrible, traumatic way and I witnessed it all. I can’t help but replay this horrible images in my head, and I can’t help but put the blame on myself.
    I need to ask you:
    I am just so worried that he passed in such a horrific way, that he won’t be able to pass to the other side.
    I need assurance, please..
    I try to mentally send him messages, and I’ve been talking to him- but I am getting no response. I don’t know how to do this..

    • anysiakiel says:

      Hello Elle,

      I am sorry about the passing of your bird. Regardless of our methods of passing, we always have the ability to cross over (even humans that commit suicide). You should continue to send him your thoughts because your intentions will go out into the universe and reach his soul. In addition, there is an exercise on here called “Asking for a Dream Visit.” You may want to ask for this because it will give you validation that he is ok. The difference between a dream visit and an ordinary dream is that with a dream visit, everything is quite vivid. When you wake, you can recall all aspects of the dream with clarity.

      Love and light,


  15. Caroline says:

    Dear Anysia,

    I would be so grateful and appreciate any help you could give me at this time. I lost my beautiful dog Maddy 4 days ago to cancer and I am absolutely devastated. My main concern though is for her. I don’t know where she is, who she is with, whether she is healthy, happy, warm and fed, I just don’t know and I very much need to know. When Maddy passed I asked certain deceased relatives to look after her and I have talked to her and told her not to worry about me being upset, just go toward the light. Is there anything I can do so she can contact me to let
    me know she is ok? I can’t seem to sense anything she may be trying to tell me because of the grief I am experiencing.

    Thank you


    • anysiakiel says:

      Hello Caroline,

      I am sorry about the passing of your dog, Maddy. Your concerns for her with regard to being warm and fed are Earth-bound.Once she is in spirit, she no longer has the need to be fed. You have done everything right. I suspect she might visit in a dream rather than sending a sign because you might be more relaxed and your grief not as heavy, when you are sleeping. Give her time.There is a transition that has to take place, but you will get the validation you need.

      Love, light, and healing,