Silver Column Exercise – Space Clearing

There are several ways to clear the energy in an area.  It’s a good idea to clear the energy in your home on a daily basis.  In the past, we’ve discussed The Tunneling Light Exercise.  Through this exercise, one is able to clear a space by envisioning a light tunnel moving throughout the space and then engulfing it in light and funneling any unwanted energy to the heavens.  I clear my house every night because both of my children are mediums and attract a lot of energy.  When I forget to clear the house, everyone sleeps poorly from a number of inexplicable disturbances.  Sometimes I’m too tired to complete The Tunneling Light Exercise, so I use a different exercise that creates the same effect in a couple of minutes.

The Silver Column Exercise uses God’s silver light in the form of three large columns.  They descend from the heavens and spread brilliant silver light throughout a space.  This exercise uses high vibrational energy and creates a deep sense of peace and comfort.

1.    Relax and close your eyes
2.    Using your mind, envision three thick, vast, columns of God’s
brilliant silver light descending from the sky
3.    As the columns penetrate your home from the roof straight down
to the ground, watch the silver color melt into everything, cascading
iridescent light throughout and feel the strength of God’s presence
by your side.
4.    Once the shimmering light has infused your home, you can send it
back to the heavens.
5.    Observe the columns ascending from your home back to the sky
6.    Any unwanted energy has been absorbed in their brilliance and will
return to the heavenly realm
7.    Bask in the gleaming light and feel its soft peaceful energy throughout
your home
8.    Open your eyes and enjoy the serenity you have created and
rest peacefully.

Love and light,


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