Soul Families


Sometimes we meet people, in this lifetime that seem to have strange connections to us. The interactions are marked by interesting familiarity and often immediate comfort levels, as though we’ve always know them, though we may have just met them for the first time.  There are no coincidences in life. We meet everyone we’re supposed to encounter, including those members of our soul family–kindred souls that incarnate with us and are here with their lessons and love, to aid us in life.

Have you ever run into an acquaintance or co-worker and immediately felt like you knew them? Often these people are not only a vibrational fit but they’re also members of our soul family and they’re here to help us.  They seem to step into our lives at the times, when we need them most.  We sometimes refer to them as angels incarnate. Though they may only be in our lives for a short time , they may have a major impact on it.

We may also have soul family members that are in our immediate families like grandparents, siblings, parents, spouses, children, cousins, etc.  These members of our soul family have chosen to incarnate closely with us and share in our experiences. Many of them will bring certain conditions and lessons in the relationships to help us grow in attributes like patience, love, compassion, and kindness.  Each person in our life has an important lesson and experience to give us, though we may not always be ready to receive it.  Those in our families often have the greatest lessons to share with us.

There are several ways to recognize soul family members on Earth.  You may feel strong emotional connections to them in a short amount of time.  You might know when they’re trying to communicate with you by phone, text, email, or telepathically. For example, the person may pop into your head, so you call her and she tells you that she was just thinking of you. Their energy feels  familiar and comfortable–like you can be completely honest and tell them anything.  You often sense there is a deeper reason why you’re connected. Our soul family is always with us.  If we take a step back and look at those people in our lives, we can pick out which ones are part of our soul family.  Be grateful to your soul family members because they help make your life on Earth exciting, challenging, and loving.

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