Soul Healing at the Beach


Many of us enjoy the visiting the beach for a vacation and some of us are even lucky enough to live close to it.  Although the beach is great in the summer, it also has some profound healing properties that we don’t always acknowledge.  Sometimes we feel drawn to it and we don’t why.  But when we get there, our souls recharge and we find grounding and balance.  The beach is a great place to heal yourself at any time of year.

The second you step on the beach, your nose is filled with the salty scent carried in the air.  You breathe it in as the salt element cleanses your sinuses and lungs expelling any toxins in your respiratory system. When you swim in the water, the salt cleanses your body.  If you have any cuts on your skin, it helps them heal.  Salt has both cleansing and healing properties and by spending time at the beach, you are offering your physical body opportunities to heal and cleanse deeply.

The sand texture feels soft and supportive under your feet, as it grounds your energy. When you walk on the beach, you connect yourself deeply to the Earth and you are fully present.  All the cares that circle your mind dissipate and you take in all the sights and sounds around you.  Some beach sand contains grains of quartz, which is high vibrating and enhances your energetic vibration.  Walking on the beach, connecting with this energy can cleanses your aura and ground you.

The rhythmic wave patterns visually, mentally, and audibly relax us. Have you ever sat on the beach and watched the waves, when your were upset about something?  As you see the waves, your mind seems to unfold and you feel more calm.  Hearing the waves lap onto the shore and softly wisp back to sea, soothes the ears.

The overall high vibrational beach energy draws us in. When we feel compelled to visit it, we must understand that it is a soul call for healing.  The surfers of the 1960’s knew this well.  Those soul surfers heard and understood the call of the ocean and recognized it was not just a place to visit, but rather a place to connect on a soul-level–a place of peace and balance.  When you feel drawn to the beach, know that it is a call to your soul. Go there!  Leave all our Earth-bound thoughts behind you and support your soul!

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