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People always ask if spirits are all around us on the Earth plane.  The answer is “yes” and “no”.  The “yes” part is because spirits are always visiting their loved ones on the Earth plane and spirits are always transitioning to the other side, so there are always spirits here–technically.  The “no” part is because the spirits are not here perminently.  Often they’re just passing through.  Even those who are Earth-bound eventually cross over at some point.  I decided that it was time to do a Question and Answer post about the top ten questions I am most frequently asked. If you click on the italicized answer, you will be linked to the appropriate blog post for more information on the question.

1.  Do spirits attend their funerals?
Sometimes they do, if they want to help their family and friends with the transition of their passings.

2.  What Are Some Signs Of Spirits?
Spirits are comprised of electromagnetic energy–the same type of energy in our TV, light, and radio waves.  As a result, when spirits are around, their fields may interact and disrupt the above mentioned fields.  The disturbances may manifest as sound not working on the television, flickering of lights, or radio stations losing their frequencies.  These are just a few of the signs of spirits but the url attached to this answer gives greater detail into this answer.   

3.  Why Do Spirits Visit Us?
Spirits can visit the Earth plane for a variety of reasons.  They may help a loved one cross over to the other side.  They may want to show their support of a particular event such as a birth of a child.  There are many reasons why spirits come to visit us on the Earth plane but most often their visits are meant to help us heal.  

4.  Are There Jobs On The Other Side?
On the other side, the souls of our loved ones continue to learn and grow.  Once they have worked through their transitions, they will be assigned jobs.  Their jobs may have something to do with the path the followed on the Earth or they may have something to do with their methods of passing.  

5.  What Is A Medium?
A medium is a person who can discern and communicate with spirits.  

6.  What Happens to the Soul of a Miscarried Baby?
On a spiritual level, a miscarriage is the soul of the child saying, “It is not the right time.”  It does not mean that the right time will never come to fruition.  That soul may choose to come back to the same parents at a later time or it may incarnate to a different set of parents. Many women carry healthy babies to full term after miscarriages.

7.  Why Does God Take Our Loved Ones
God does not take our loved ones from us, nor does God abandon us in our times of sadness.  We are the ones that sometimes shut God out by the darkness of our grief.  God is benevolent, loves us unconditionally, and allows our loved ones to still be with us in spirit form.  This is a magnificent gift, if we are willing to accept it.  Our loved ones are only a thought away from us. We just need to unwrap this gift of spirituality from God.  When we open it, we find the spirits of our loved ones waiting there for us. 

8. Is there a Spiritual Significance of Ringing In The Ears?
As you know from reading this blog, I hold the belief that all physical manifestations of illness and disease are rooted in an underlying spiritual or emotional issue. If we have ear issues, we need to ask ourselves, “What are we trying not to hear?” When we address the underlying root causes of tinnitus, we can release and heal the condition from our energies. If you experience ringing in your ears, ask yourself who might be trying to communicate with you?  It could be a family member or perhaps a highly evolved being such as an angelic energy.  If you psychic shield yourself, you will be protected from any lower vibrational energy.  Sit for a moment quietly and see who is trying to reach out to you.  When you release your fears, and open your ears, you may find a message of love and hope waiting for you. 

9. What Happens to the Soul of a Suicide Victim?
Once someone reaches out to a suicide victim and helps him through the death state, the soul can begin healing.  In my experience, suicide victims go to a healing place on the other side.  They’re there for as long as they need healing.  Some souls choose not to heal.  They reject their guides and they literally roam in darkness.  But God is benevolent and the door to healing is always open, when they are ready. 

10.  Are Mediumship and Psychic Abilities Inherited?
These abilities are innate parts of our soul make-up from the Divine.  Whether we develop them or not depends on us and our aptitudes to release the fears that bind us.  In families where there are several generations that have developed abilities, it is not that the abilities are inherited but rather the abilities are accepted and each generation chooses to embrace them.  

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4 Comments to “Spirits All Around Us- FAQ”

  1. omar says:

    Hi, I used to hear ringing sounds on and off before but now I hear it all time. As I don’t have any medical conditions to cause it, I would truly appreciate an energy reading if that’s possible to explain what I am going through.

    • anysiakiel says:

      I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing ear ringing. I do not do energy readings or sessions via my blog. If you would like to schedule a healing session with me, you can do so through the contact form on my website.
      Love and light,

  2. paula says:

    A family member has been seeing visions and hearing names and words ..and then they either come true or something happens that’s connected to what they have heard.. Also last week a light came on in the house and stayed on and yesterday a batterie powered radio turned on itself ..we are not scared ..we just don’t know what to do …A spiritual heeler we know has advised we go to spiritualist church ..what would you advise..
    Regards Paula

    • anysiakiel says:

      Hello Paula,

      It definitely seems like you are experiencing spirit activity in the house. I suspect it is a male in spirit form that is connected to the family. You may want to do the tunneling light exercise on the blog. In addition, you should view the psychic shielding post and choose a method that feel right for you. This helps limit the energy around you and the effect it has on you. You may want to go to a spiritualist church. It might be helpful for you. I have never been to one because I am Catholic. But you should also read up on mediumship. There are plenty of sources out there including my new book that comes out in a month.

      Love and light,