Spirits Helping Our Pets Cross Over

Sometimes in this life, we’re faced with difficult decisions regarding our pets.  We may feel torn or unsure about our choices.  But we always have help on the other side.  When the time comes for our pets to transition, we can ask passed-on loved ones to help our pets cross.
Two weeks ago, our fifteen-year-old Labrador Retriever, Poodie, had a real health crisis.  She lost the ability to use her back legs a few months earlier.  A friend let us borrow a dogie cart,  but her geriatric muscles couldn’t support her body very well. She also had a bladder cyst issue that had built up resistance to several antibiotics, which ultimately led to her physical demise.  Since she was too old to survive surgery, and without antibiotics to help her weak body fight off infection, we were faced with a difficult decision.
I gave her energy daily to help her clear any patterns or energetic blocks that she was ready to release, but the body was wearing out.  I could feel her will to live weakening. I prayed that she would pass in her sleep, so our decision would be easier on us, but that did not happen.  Two days before she died, Poodie was up most of the night. Even with a pain medication, she was still uncomfortable. We could see a look of defeat in her big brown eyes. We knew it was time.
I called the veterinarian the next morning with a heavy heart and tear-filled eyes and made the appointment to have put to sleep at our home.  As a family, we felt it was better to help her pass then to watch her die a very pain-filled death.  The veterinarian could not come to the house until the next morning.  During her last night in our home, I slept next to her and gave her healing energy most of the night.  I knew there wasn’t much we could do for the physical body, but I had hoped to help her release any emotional  or spiritual imprints, so she didn’t carry them in her soul to the other side. She rested and let the energy run through her body.  Many times, she licked my hands validating that she could feel the vibrational energy.  I hugged her warm furry body and listened to her breath as she slept.

The following morning, my husband had an early meeting that he could not get out of but planned to leave the office right after his meeting.  We felt it was best to send our son to school.  So ironically, Poodie’s life had begun with me bringing her home from work when she was just under a year old.  She was the pet of a co-worker’s uncle. Apparently Poodie didn’t get along with the other animals in the house, so the man punished her by keeping her in a cage all the time and not feeding her.  He was going to give her to a shelter, but I brought her home with me that day without so much as a collar or any other belongings–just a rope tied around her neck that the man used as a leash.  I don’t think it was a coincidence that her transition to the other side would include only the two of us.

I wanted a peaceful transition for her, so I lit candles in the den, played soft music, and gave her a gentle massage with lavender oil.  I sat next to her at the end of her bed with her head in my lap caressing her increasingly graying coat.  As I stroked her head, I recalled all the fun times we shared.  The walks in the park, ball throwing, swims in the pool, kisses and hugs.  I thanked her for coming to us and being part of our family.  I thanked her for always protecting us and staying longer than her body would have allowed and for being a great friend to me.  I invited her to visit us in spirit form and asked her to send me a sign–a green hummingbird–when she got to the other side.  She listened with her ears and eyes, as her old body peacefully relaxed each muscle.
As she slept quietly on her bed, I called to some of my passed-on relatives and pets to help her cross.  My maternal grandmother, Nanny, and Timber, our first dog, who had been good friends with Poodie, arrived by her side.  Nanny was on the left side and Timber sat on the right. Both waited patiently for the veterinarian’s arrival.  I thanked them for coming and asked them to give me strength.  A deep sense of peace filled me and I knew everything would be fine.

When the veterinarian arrived, Poodie was fast asleep.  She woke as he was leaning toward her with the needle.  She gave him a weak growl and then rested her head on my lap.  I kept telling her that it was okay to go as I caressed the top of her head. Her passing was peaceful in the comfort of her own home.  Once her spirit disconnected from her body, she was guided to the other side by those she knew.

A few nights ago, my nine-year-old son asked how we can know that Poodie isn’t waiting around on Earth because she didn’t die a natural death?  “When God wants someone, they die and God is ready for them but that didn’t happen with Poodie.  We helped her,” he said. “So how do we know she’s with God”?  I told him that Nanny and Timber helped Poodie cross over, so she wouldn’t get lost.  Plus, we had a sign from her a few days after she passed– a green hummingbird drinking nectar from the flowering plum tree, which was her favorite place to sit and relax in our backyard.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That story made me cry but I can totally relate we had to put down 3 dogs and 2 died on their own at home. Very heartbreaking. But reading ur website makes it easier that they are still living in spirit and hopefully they are all together and we will see them again. Do you believe we will see our pets again?

  2. Thank you for your comment. I do believe we will be reunited with the souls of our pets just as we will be reunited with the souls of our passed-on loved ones. In fact, sometimes in readings passed-on pets come through with their passed-on owners. In addition, I have had people come for readings and their passed on pets have visited during the readings. We are so lucky to know the love and our compassion of our pets.

    Love and light to you always,


  3. Anonymous says:

    What is your opinion on accidental death? Do you feel when its your time to pass no one change it?

  4. Thank you for your question. The terms “accidental death” are vague. Could you please elaborate on the definition of that terms as they apply to your question? Are you talking about sudden passings? Do you mean accidental deaths involving substances such as alcohol or drugs? Please provide a little more information, so I can answer your question.

    Love and light,

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for responding. Im not sure actually. It was sudden but they told me it was natural causes but he only 34. I was with him every weekend but I had to stay home one weekend and thats when it happen if I was I feel he would be alive today :(

    • Thank you for clarifying your question. I am very sorry for your loss. I would consider his death a sudden passing. Sudden passings are sudden for the living, but not for those in the spirit realm. To answer your question, “yes” God does know when it is time for someone to pass even in the case of a sudden passing, so you being with him or not, would not have changed the fact that it was his time to leave the Earth.

      In my experience as a medium, the only death that God is not prepared for is one of a suicide. God never expects us to take our own physical lives, so that kind of death needs some real healing when the soul gets to the other side. In all other passings, God is prepared as are the spirits guides that accompany the people on Earth.

      I hope this information is helpful to you. I also hope that you release the guilt you are carrying in your heart thinking that if you had been with him that weekend, he would still be alive. It does not work that way. When it is time for someone to leave the Earth, God sends for them and they cross over, regardless of the Earthly circumstances.

      Love and light to you always,


  6. Anonymous says:

    thank you so much. I have read alot on ur site and makes me feel 100% better that I will see my boyfriend, loved ones & animals again. If only I could get rid of the guilt that I should have been there for him weather it was natural or if he did digest some substance – do you still consider that sudden death? either way if I was there it wouldnt of happen because he never did anything (if he digested some substance) when I was with him and if it was natural causes I could have got him some help & he wouldnt have been alone and he will still be here with me physically not just spiritually :(

    • Yes, even accidental overdoses of medications, etc. are still considered sudden passings. As I mentioned in the previous post, God knows when we will pass and it happened that way because it was his time to go. You need to free yourself from the guilt. You can ask him for a sign and ask him to visit you in a dream. Both exercises are listed on this blog. I hope you find peace and healing in your heart. You are a loving soul. xxxx
      Love and light to you always,


    • Anonymous says:

      Anysia, I have had many dogs for many years and they were all rescues. Angie was a Shepherd/Chow/Pit Bull mix. At least that is what the vet said. She was about a year old pregnant just hit by a car when they found her in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. I took her in. She was brindle and if not for her brindle fur, she looked mostly like a German shepherd. Anyway, although I had many animals, she was the only one who could keep up on our runs since i went long distance. Thus we began a special relationship. I recently had to put her down and I keep dreaming about her. I am not sure if I miss her so much and that is why or is it because she has not crossed over? She has all the same ills when I see her in my dream. She is still suffering like the way she suffered in her last days before I put her down. Like she is still having trouble walking, turning her head, I sense pain, the pain she had in her last days. Please tell me how I can help Angie cross over. Yes, I have pets and loved ones on the other side. She and Socki, another dog I rescued, were so in love. He was a Shepherd mix as well and mostly shepherd. When she came to me the two of them fell in love which is why I decided never to place either of them. I kept them together. Socki died two years before she did. His was a natural death. Please help me cross her over. My name is Melissa.

  7. Blessings to you, Melissa. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet, Angie. I am thinking your dreams are not dream visits from your pet and are more like regular dreams. The reason that I say this is because when we see loved ones (human or animal) in a dream visit, they are radiant and healthy. Maybe these dreams represent your worry about her not being crossed over.

    If you would like to reach out to Angie, you can sit quietly and using your mind,call out to another pet or a human family member that has crossed over. When you feel their energy (as I believe you are clairsentient), you can ask them to help cross over Angie and guide her. Then you can send a mental note to Angie. Send her thoughts of love and gratitude and tell her that is ok for her to cross over. Assure her that you will be fine and that Socki will be waiting to meet her there. Ask her to send you a sign when she has crossed. Pick something that has meaning for both of you.

    When she crosses, you will either get a dream visit from her in which she will be completely healthy and happy with her tail held high, or you will get the sign you have requested. I think you will feel it when she has crossed over. You will be filled with a sense of peace and comfort. You will no longer worry if she is stuck or still lingering on the Earth. You will feel her love and know she is ok.

    Love and light,


  8. Kathy says:

    Three days ago my husband and I put our cat Squeeky of 20 1/2 years to sleep at home. I wish I would have read how you did it before hand. The Vet used a two step method where she first gave an injection in the neck and then after that administered the euthanasia. The first injection caused her a lot of pain. She screeched and bit my hand. I feel that the pain is the last thing she remembered as she was really out after that. I get this feeling she thinks we betrayed her by caressing her one minuet and then hurting her the next. To make it worse although she did not feel good that day I’m not sure she was ready to go it her. Shortly after the Vet left and the house was quiet I heard a faint meow then a stronger louder one. It was her “where are you, I am lost meow. It haunts me . She is buried in the yard. I have had no sight she crossed. There is no relative that liked cats to help.,no other animals. She was our one and only. I don’t have children. She was everything. I’m having a hard time. Hope u can help. Kathy

    • anysiakiel says:

      Dear Kathy,

      I am so sorry to that you had to put Squeeky to sleep. It is such a hard thing to do with our pets. But you are so truly lucky to have a pet stay with you for 20.5 years. It is a blessing that she stayed on the Earth to love you for such a long time. That is more than most people ever get. I’m familiar with the 2 injection method,as we had to do it with our dog too. It seems that what may have been happening was that Squeeky had a strong will to live, despite her physical condition. The 1st injection may have made her feel week and unable to move and that caused her to fight a bit. I think it was a natural response given Squeeky’s strong nature. It may have been less about the pain and more about her independence.

      Once she left her body, the pain and passing information was gone and her soul was still in the house, so you do not have to worry about her last memory being the pain. You can send her across yourself; you don’t need any other spirits. The first thing you want to do is call out to her using your mind. Then you want to assure her how much you love her and tell her that she can visit you anytime, but she needs to cross over. There is an exercise on here called “Tunneling Light and Clearing” You should do this in your house and as you send all the energy upward to the heavens see Squeeky going up accompanied by angels on either side. Send her up there with thoughts of deep love and peace.

      I know the pain you feel; it is such a tremendous heartache. I hope you can feel a little peace after you help her get across. Know that she is always connected to you in spirit. Although you may not be able to hug her, you can always connect with her energy and she will still watch over you from the other side. I send you much love and healing.

      In light and love,


  9. Kathy says:

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to answer me! I am going to try the techniques you suggested. I will be buying your book also. You have made me feel better already! Thank you again for the comfort! In peace, Kathy

  10. sandra hennessey says:

    Hi anysia, We had to put our 13 year old golden retriever to sleep 3 days ago,we are heart broken, when the vet was cutting away at his fur to give sam the injection, my husband thought he would as her if we could keep the fur but forgot to ask her in our time of greif, and later asked sam to give us a sign that he was ok, now the day after he passed, my husband was outside rearanging the garden, putting a bird bath in the middle of the garden, we had moved it when sam was alive to stop him from bumping into it as he was a bit wobbly on his legs, anyway it was a cold but sunny day,no breeze at all and suddenly a tuft of white fur came down on top of my husband and hit him on his forehead,sam was white in colour,my husband who is a sceptic in spirit things believes it was a sign from sam,i must admit i cannot think of any other reason for it being there in the first place,would love to hear your thought on this. thanks, sandra.x

    • anysiakiel says:

      Hello Sandra,
      I am sorry about the passing of Sam. I know how it feels to let them go–just heart wrenching. I think the white tuft of fur is a wonderful sign from your lovely boy, Sam. How kind of him to go to such great lengths to send you a quick sign, especially since you were wanting a piece of his soft fur. Our furry little companions are so full of love and are a true gift of unconditional love from the Divine. I hope his sign is the beginning of the healing of your hearts from his passing.

      Love and light,


  11. Ell says:

    We knew our cat of 18 years was fading and the vet told us he had a large growth on his pancreas. We took him home for the weeken and every morning when he cuddled in my arm, I told him he was loved, he gave love and comfort and that his time was near. I told him he would be ok, that he had people and animals that had gone before and he should look for them.
    2 days ago we took him to the vets for the las time. They swaddled him and his mommy could hold him , and gave him some painkillers before the final injection. He was calm and peaceful and completely on the arms of love.
    Later that afternoon, we stopped to pick up some shopping and while she went to one store, I went to another.
    I’ve always believed in signs and even though I don’t understand, I do believe there are people in my life who have gone but are still with me. As I was going into one store, I felt compelled to go into a nearby gift shop as I felt there might be a little cat figurine to remember our little boy. I wandered for a few minutes and was about to leave when I noticed the Christmas annual ornaments and one was a small, Siamese kitten with blue eyes and colouring, just like our Jewel. The store was in the process of changing displays and there was only one item on the shelves behind the cash; I didn’t see it until the clerk moved to the side as I paid for my item. The only item on the shelf was a Peanuts figurine…who shares the name of Jewel’s aunt who passed away 19 years ago. I had whispered to him over the previous days to look for her, she would be there for him.
    Signs or something else, it has brought us great comfort.

    • anysiakiel says:

      I am sorry about the loss of Jewel. You are very lucky to have had him with you for 18 years–that is a wonderful life and I am sure you showered him with love and affection. I thank you for sharing this wonderful story about the sign you received. As you know from this blog, I truly believe our pets have souls and send us signs to help us heal and let us know they are ok when they cross over. I hope you continue to heal your heart through this passing.

      Love and light,


  12. Karen says:

    We just lost our beautiful German Shepherd, Jake. He would have been 8 years old on Saturday. I had to take him in to be put to sleep this past Monday. I am grieving and it is really difficult because he was my last pet. His mate, Bailey died two years ago. My 17 year old son is not taking it well either as he was gone to a camp when it happened. I couldn’t wait for him to come home as it was a cancer in his sinuses and he could not breathe. The night before he died he was having periods of sleep apnea the whole night. I would stroke him and he would gasp and start panting. I told him we all loved him and to look for Bailey and the rest of my human family that has passed. I never thought to ask for a sign…I wish I had. When Bailey died my husband had a dream that she was ran up to him and was all fluffy and a lot bigger. I really wish I would get that with Jake. He was such a good dog and was loved by our whole family.

    • anysiakiel says:

      Hello Karen,

      I am sorry about the passing of Jake. Our dog, Timber, had a similar type of cancer. You can ask him for a sign or a dream visit. Just look for the exercises on the blog (listed alphabetically) and use your mind to complete them. When he has transitioned, he will come through with a validation for you.

      Love, light, and healing,


  13. Karen says:

    Anysia I forgot to tell you that a strange thing happened the night after Jake passed. I wasn’t sleeping well and at about 3 am there was suddenly a loud snapping noise in my bedroom. It started in the corner and moved closer to me on my side of the bed. It sounded almost like an electrical snap. It went on for about 5 minutes then just stopped. I got up and looked around but saw nothing. I wondered if perhaps it could have been Jake…or maybe just wishful thinking.